Discuss,“Creation”The usability should be relatively strong,Since it can save long-term,That is it means that night is completely able to build a big army。

Even if you leave this world,No need to worry about the security of Herssia,Just leave enough ice and snow creation.。
But the night is faint,this“Killing God”There seems to be a big role in the future,Can’t give up easily。
Hesitation,Night is still letting Herssea have chosen“Killing God”This skill。
Hear the choice of night,Herssea is also very surprised,Because she is the same as the idea of night,“Creation”Obvious ratio“Killing God”Have to use。
“Night,Do you really decide??In fact, God is very friendly.,I think that Apollo is only very small.。
Select this skill,I can’t change it later.。”
Obviously Hespe Asa,The reason why the night is choosing this skill,Is to prevent other gods of Ela Ri Li,So actively opening a reminder。
“Nothing, Herspia,Select this,Do not worry,I won’t make trouble.。”
Night choice“Killing God”Skill,It’s really as he said.,Not against the god of Eu Ra Li,But he suddenly remembered,In the world“God’s will”。
That time,It is the first time I saw the so-called God’s will.,The other party is indeed in his spirit.。
Both parties have different positions,One day in the morning and evening,And for the other party does not seem to have the characteristics of the shape,Night is quite troublesome,So after this skill,Can I hurt him??
Chapter 729 Special props Heroic
After the ability value is updated,Night feeling feeling your body quality,It has also been improved in small amplitude。
This time I returned to this world,Not only have the ability to use the dragon’s strength,Still one breath“God’s grace”Rise two levels,Night has already felt that it is not true.。
And before you have been paying attention to war games,Night is even noted,The system has triggered the corresponding task。
When he noticed,The task is actually displayed“completed”Word,And reward enrichment to the imagination of night。
“Task one:As a hero,The genus is being humiliated,As a member of the member, you can make the despicable people。
In the war game with Apollo,Exhibit absolute strength to get victory。
award:Hero points a thousand,Randomly extract three times。”completed,Reward。
“Two tasks:Cherish the people,I am afraid that the other party is God.,As a hero,In front of the wishes of the people who cherish them,Can’t stop!
Challenge God Apollo,The result is at least a winner,The defeat is determined as the mission failed。
award:???Reward unknown,The higher the final evaluation,The reward is rich。
The first task reward,Not so that the night is surprised,Because the follow-up is often different。
But the second thinking reward,Let the night are instantly excited.,This type of reward,He did only encounter once before.。
That is a punch in Barros.,Awards given like this task,Generally quite good,Not usually those ordinary hero points and pumping opportunities,Some special items。
Before Paros,Night is known as“Prove”Special props。
The effect is to agree to the other party,Choose a strength below yourself,And the foreign world character with the relationship between itself,Summon in your own world。
But because of the previous“Dragon Ball”,Still the main world“A punch”It’s too dangerous.,Night does not want to take risks before those friends,So the night has not used this prop.。
So what is this reward??There is no doubt that,This time you get a task evaluation,It should be quite high。
After all, the task requirement is the least resistance Apollo,And the night is more than being defeated.,Even all of them,If the evaluation is not high,I can’t say it.。