Why does Lan Xin will link two things together??

Gu An’an watched a Xu Xianghe。
Chao Group lost ten billions,Is it him?。
correct,He can easily turn away from the money,Can you turn away from Lu’s money?。
Billions,Sure enough, he has a good life.。
Xu Jinghe Angry:“I do not understand what you’re saying?”He quickly covered a panic,Looking at Gu Anan,“Anan,let’s go。”
Gu An’an is not saying,Leave with Xu Jinghe。
Blue Xin’s mobile phone suddenly sounded,She picked up the phone。
“Xiao Jun。 ”
Xiao Jun said excited:“Mother,Check out,Gu’s money,Take a few batches to Gu An An account,but,She is legal with these money。She registered a company before.,It is the time that La Jiang Jingwu,This is a short company,Also a trap,Sharpen her money,But still can file,I am checking here.。”
Blue Xin holds the hand of the mobile phone slightly tight,“Xiao Jun,I have worked hard this time.。”
Xiao Jun Dao:“Mother,There is another thing,Ten billions of Lu Group,On the account of Xu Jinghe,The means he turned money is very high.,I have made a lot of masking,So the police have not found it,I have already transferred evidence here.,Always give the police at any time。”
Blue Xin:“Xiao Jun,Don’t worry,I just met them.,Hit the snake,I want to know,Your father,Is there a relationship with Xu Jinghe?。”
Xiao Jun Dao:“Mother,I have been investigating the video of Dad garage,Give me some time。”
“Um!”Blue Xin hangs,The face with a hard pain。
Ah Cheng,People who hurt you,I will arrest it.。
Blue Xin quickly dialed Lin Ye’s mobile phone。
Lin Ye:“lady。”
Blue Xin:“Lin Ye,I have just met Gu Anan and Xu Jinghe.,Sprinkler,you……Know what to do?,See Gu Anan’s reaction,She doesn’t seem to understand Xu Xianghe this person.,You now,They have just got out of Jiangshi Hotel,One will pay back to the apartment,You are ready。”
Lin Ye:“lady,I know what to do.,I am now with the European secretary.。”
“Oh!”Blue Xin slightly,road:“Give your mobile phone to the European secretary。”
“Blue。”European is very sinking。
Blue Xindao:“Aura,Circuit has been controlled for a long time,Xiao Jun has found evidence,Gu’s money,On the account of Gu An’an。Ten billions of Lu Group disappeared,On the account of Xu Jinghe。so,A Cheng,And Xu Jinghe can’t take it off。They want to make a loss to make up for losses,Our speed is fast,Can’t let Gu’s money hit the drift。”
European:“Blue,Don’t worry,We have been arranged in the past,I will contact Xiao Jun.。”
Blue Xinyan:“thanks!”Her voice hoarse,hang up the phone,Look still cold,Waited for two months,Finally, there is a little eyebrow。
Le Yu looks down at her,What a gentle girl,It is lifted for this cold ice.,She is very painful every time she looks.。
Lu Haocheng,She really changed,when you are alone,She is always cold,Woke-free,The whole person is immersed in yourself.,Loneliness can’t bear to see。
“Blue,Let’s go up.。”Her tone is full of pity。
Blue Xin smiled and nodded,“Um!I’m hungry。”
She is a bit more spoiled,Le Yu’s throat,Soreness。
“Good,Let’s eat the seafood porridge you like most.。”Le Yu pushes her to enter the elevator。
Upstairs,Blue Xin went to her and Lu Haocheng.。
here,It is specially for them to stay.。
Jiangyue Hotel has always been very good。
Only this package is only for her for her.。
The manager already knows the preferences of Blue Xin.,Let Le Yu have taken the dishes.,He immediately told the kitchen to prepare the dishes.。
Blue Xin looks at a familiar place,But I can’t hear the gentle voice of the man.。
When he is with her,Always laugh very happy,The eyes of the eyebrows are gentle and smile.,Always show in front of her eyes。
“Blue,Dinner,We continue to date。”