There is also the same party?xN

Several fierce gods,Seeing and the architectural site of Liao Jie,I rushed to the knife.。
Ning kicked wrong!
“Wait a moment,I and she”
“I don’t know with her.,Purely,This is walking。”
A strong man picks up,And then spit on the ground:“I have listened to this kind of saying.,I really thought to lie to me.?”
“MD,Don’t talk nonsense with him,This little child is so prostured,No matter what I don’t know.,Solver girls have given him away.。”
Liao Jie:“”
This brother,I will talk more about it.。
One time,Honest,Several strong people are poked to the pain,In the weapon, Liao Jie。
Bamboo!Bamboo!Bamboo!噼 啪 啪!
Liao Jie finished the collection,Take the water in the foot of the trousers,Looking forward to the battlefield of ten meters away。
The dream fights the shoulders and hits a stick.,Finally solved the last opponent,Hand hold knee straight gasping:“This prostitute,Thank you for you today.,Help the grace of life,I will eat you for me.。”
I’m listening is the old slag.!
Liao Jie joke,Squake big dreams:“I don’t have to eat.,I have already reported.,Harmful person,Trouble you waiting here to wait for a moment,Will be the law to host the fair。”
“Need not,I am going to。”
“Well,you go first,I will give it to me here.。”
Dream heard,But there is not much thinking,Turned and walked towards the site。
Sudden,Brain,She hurriedly turned,The red ghost in the line of sight occurs all the line of sight.。
Red line recovery cuff,Liao Jie is gave up with the dream,No intersection,He too lazy,This is an eye,It’s a bit not going to let the people go.。
Twenty minutes later,Several police cars parked outside the site。
Cao Dai Wairyng,Stop the belly to Liao Jie:“Ager,So many people are all of you?”
“Not at all,This woman is very powerful.,Is a hard 茬。”
“so smart?”
Cao Dawa,Turning the dream of the street,Look at it。
“what,Where I seem to have this woman?。”
Cao Dawei’s thoughts,Summary suddenly:“I think of it.,The last time I plant mysterious disaster, you are her.,I have seen it at the bar.。”
“Dad,You got the wrong person,I thought I thought at first.,But she and she are two people.。”
“Hehehe,Ager,Don’t be so small by people!”
Chapter 133 Ming people don’t say dark words
Finish,Liao Jie goMada The office of the king said hello,The sleeper left the police station。