Goldman Sachs Group has the world’s most famous anti-acquisition enterprise service agency,I have experienced this kind of thing to help buy other companies.,Have Goldman Sachs Group helps to make Dior save a lot of money,Chen Linzhi as a shareholder,Of course it can benefit from it。

in addition。
Before Christmas coming,Hong Kong City Branch is on Shallow Water Bay Road,Help Chen Linzhi to take a piece of land covering the land to more than 4,000 land,If you buy it next to the block,The area that can be used will expand to around 6,200 square meters.。
Calect that I have never found the second-hand house I like.,It is better to design it directly、Built oneself。
Chen Linzhi has an inexplicable obsession on real estate developers.,When I went to Pengcheng last time,I heard that the mainland real estate market may change the day.,Recently have official news,Pengcheng’s welfare room system for many years,Next, there will be planned gradually cancellation,The other side finally started this block of real estate market.。
Test field used to explore experience,Will be placed on the South Island。
Here,Chen Linzhi is just a matter of concern,It’s a good time in the admission.。He is also not prepared to enter the sprint,If possible,Investing in some national state-owned enterprises in real estate industries。
Christmas arrival,The products of the joint fund fund have been raised to more than 70 million US dollars,Chen Linzhi takes approximately six million dollars,As a employee of this year’s year-end award, the employees issued under his hand。
As for himself,First accompanied by Andadia, I have been in Montana.,After the Ski Resort near Huangshi Park,It is also arranged to pick up the parents and relatives of Anna Atasian.,Start a holiday that is expected for a half month
NS344chapter 1988
I thought about rest for a while.,This rest is completely relaxed.。
1987Christmas,Chen Linzhi spent the State, Montana, USA,ski、hunt、Go to Huangshi Park、horse riding、Fed cattle,This easy life is also a different kind of fun.。
Wait until time entry1988year。
At the beginning of the year,There is nothing special in business,Development of the class according to the class,Almost invested in this investment,I also found some promising startups in the Silicon Valley area.,Although the stock securities trading market is still sluggish,However, a small rebound,Still let him earn a lot of money。
Nothing especially worth a busy place,Thus, in1988February of the year,Chen Linzhi also took the time to go to Canada Calgary Winter Olympics,Visiting the circle in Canada,This country is broad,Developed economy,In addition to beautiful scenery,Very inexpected。
Wait until the time enters March,He accidentally saw the news from the newspaper,The double, the more the two sides have happened.,In fact, Chen Linzhi conflict this small scale.,Before there is no impression。
Because it is not enough,So he is not clear that this is influenced by himself.,Still, there is a historical history of the context,Anyway, when he heard that finally, he finally wins the motherland.,Still deeply pleasing。
Shortly,Donate five million dollars to the sides of the overseas Chinese,Will be used to build a school,Students who help poor areas。
Money is more likely to trigger the attention of American media,How much effect does not have less money?,This number is almost just right.。
Wait until the end of March,Chen Linzhi also heard that Pengcheng has just established the first joint-stock insurance company.,Name is called“Safety”,If you don’t accident,This should be the famous Ping An Group,Unfortunately, there is no idea that has not been played with foreign investment.。
Have Gao Bo learning on the other side to help detect news,Collect a variety of key intelligence,These development tracks flee Chen Linzhi’s eyes,The problem is whether the reform and opening up should continue discussion,Recently, it seems that a heat is increased.,Almost all reforms will trigger the conflict of vested stakeholders,This is not surprising。
Chen Linzhi’s concern,It is not too concern.,He is in Pengcheng“Garment factory”,Has been capped with an amazing speed,
It is said that there are some Hong Kong Chengu,I am trying to develop some real estate projects in Pengcheng and other places.,About the establishment of the decision of Nanhai Province and the resolution to establish the South China Sea Special Economic Zone,Being more and more。
Since Chen Linzhi still sells short debts on hand,First-hand news that may be important for these future,He is always extraordinary attention。
1988Year a few months,Chen Linzhi spent。
Run everywhere in the United States,Sometimes helping Anna Atas,Sometimes I go to Los Angeles to help Changze, solve the trouble of shooting.,For more time, he will stay in San Francisco,I also take time to go to Silicon Valley for a while in April.,Flower to buy a large wilderness in the Paroo region。
The reason for buying is to build a large hatching park.,Use office rent instead of investment,Let entrepreneurs take the company and technology to exchange the office of peace of mind。
This is an emerging business model in Silicon Valley.,As a large number of people to the Silicon Valley area,Emerging enterprises that emerged in the local area,Try a risk investment manager for half a month,Chen Linzhi can only say the best time has not arrived.,Even starting to generate the idea of accelerated development of the Internet industry in the true sense,First build a link to a global network system。
This is not the trouble that can solve the money.,Eat a dinner,Road is still step by step,Chen Linzhi always feels the opportunity to skyrocketing next time,It should be in a personal computer and the Internet,This is the most cost-effective practice,And relying on investment stock market,Probability can also become one of the world’s most money,But will take more time。
1988May in May,There are many things happening around the world.。