“what?Nine domain?Move so much?”

Nanming is unbeaten,Yin,Wu Zi Tian went wrong,They don’t think of this nine domain.。
Nine domain,Forces absolutely surpass any home in the three domains,Not100year,I am afraid that the forces are directly in the three domains.。
“good,Nine domain,The people now and the nine domain are partnerships,Nine domain ancient magic coagulation。”Lin Feng did not hide them.,After all, it is already a forion of your own.。
“Good ancient devil,Hidden so deep!”Yin does not hesitate to have a cold。
“Hidden deep。”Nanta’s unbeaten and Wu Zi Tian also。
“But the owner is rest assured,We don’t know anything.,Just in accordance with the practice to go to these big fields。”Yin does not hurry。
“That’s good。”Lin Feng heard the words:“If you raise a hurt, go back.,In addition, the relatives of your relationship is best to stay away from the upper three domains.,Looking for a remote mountain to avoid。”
“Owner,Why is this?”Yin,Nanming is unbeaten,Wu Zi Tian hairdressed。
“Future,Some people can come,It is enough to sweep the three domains。”Lin Feng stood up and smiled:“Give you a greeting in advance,Solve your loved ones around you suffer。”
“This……”Yin,Nanming is unbeaten,Wuyi three more half-step big holy side,How does the people may still have such an invincible energy??
I don’t know why,They are looking forward to the direction of the monster。
The three great winds in the same year,Sweep 33 domain,Who is fighting!
“All right,Go back。
”Lin Feng Road,He just reminded the top three and a half steps.,Solve the weak loved ones with weakness。
Yin,Nanming is unbeaten,Wuyu Tianshi three major half-step Da Shengnan said respectfully,Immediately turned out of the wind tower,Then, I went to the distant sky.。
“Really amazing。”Lin Feng lifts her hand,I don’t know why,He can now clearly induction,Nanming is unbeaten,Wu Zikian, these three half-step gidders。
As long as they betray,He stands horses。
Not only them,And greedy saints,However, the greedy saint is impossible to betray himself.,Including yin,Nanming is unbeaten,Wuyi Tianshi three more half-step。
His palm is like a stars like a star.,The other three half-step printers are like a satellite.,Around the wolf imprint。
“The future is mainly。”Greedy saint smiles:“Silent,Can grow big forces。”
“Let’s do your best.,Let it go,Looking for the thief,Go to the Beibei Starry,The rest of the people left to the greedy palace。”Lin Feng smiled and walked out the wind tower,The wind tower is disappeared into a light injection into his body.。
Lin Feng took a piece of ancient jade,Directly crushed the ancient jade,Gumdon,A teenager brings from inside:“Boy,I can finally go.。”
“Come back,I’m late,I will not go.。”Lin Feng took a word to the ancient jade。
“boom!”A sudden sound。
Ancient jade,Dissipated in the void。
Half time,A powerful breath is covered,This breath is powerful,Actually disseminated a percentage of an emperor,A gorgeous figure is in the void。
The owner of this body is the three German people.。
“Tomb,Repair it is good,Imperial mark?My day,Unfair!”Lin Feng looked at the three German people.。
“Boy,The national teacher has a genericity,Standing on the peak of the god,跺 跺 跺,Some of the old people of the dragon trembled。”Santao people are very windy hands。
“Less to these useless,Let it go,Go to the Beibei Starry。”Lin Feng Road。
“wrong,Boy,you’ve changed,I see your hand!”Sansidao suddenly came to Lin Feng’s,Directly grab Lin Feng’s hand。
Suddenly out of color。
“My day,What catches your eyes。”Lin Feng directly returned to his hand。
“Hand of fate!”Sandao people looked at Lin Feng’s hand:“You actually put a few guys in the top three domains.。”
“what is this,Tomb,This emperor is good.。”Lin Feng’s palm of the palm of the greedy。
“Again,You may not hold this title,You think you are a national teacher。”Santao people still have a good way。