After this,Yan Zhi An An passed the date of punishment,A change in past established facts,Beginning to Xiao Yao。Whether it is flat,Necessary to communicate,Yan Zhi has adhered to the principle of simple and polite,Has respect for Xiao Yao、Alienate。In addition to this,She is according to her own『sex』Son,Left and right is not bound,Just waiting to break Xiao Jo“regret”。

Xiao Jie has naturally changed her attitude toward her.,Unlike a thousand miles,Will also guide her sword to practice。
Go up,This is really like a couple of harmonious friendship.。
They can even have a task,Match between cooperation,Excellent performance,Some people are called the Qing Dynasty“Double wall”。
Xiao Yao’s appearance is increasing,Another 竹 履 履 女 女 女,When you send it, you can meet the women’s repairs with him.;Sometimes I can still hit the male repair with the same 枝,Two blossoms on the spot。
Ame,Xiao Yao met a woman’s style,Cold eye is cold face,Still 枝 久 违 违 地 地 地,Solved for him。
“Brother,You can’t do this.。”
枝 打,“In the long run,Isn’t it a honest?,You can directly let you have no fight.?”
Xiao Yao is slightly distressed,Refers to,Whisper:“no……”
He is not a magazine,However, the moment,He glanced as it looked at this side.,Inexplicably hesitially。
Branch reaction,Nodded:“really,Tongye is not necessarily useful。”
Xiao Yong face『color』micro。
枝 在 在 点『Insert』song,Turn your head and continue to make a task。Xiao Yao,There are souls in the whole process.,Several branches inadvertently,Actually, it is just right with him.。
“Brother,Is there anything wrong??”
枝 走,Cautiously ask。
Xiao Jo will not ly lying this thing in the inner mirror from one.,The technique of transferring the topic is hard,“I heard that you raise a water lily,This season,It should be opened.。”
How is this about Xiao Jo??
枝 颔:“Yes,In the yard,Out of the task, they have already opened。”
Xiao Jie eyes blinked,Frequency,Seems to be……nervous?
“Good luck。”
Xiao Jie uses a stiff gesture that said that it is like it,Tropic steady sound,,“I don’t know if I go back.,Can you go to the tie of the teacher?。”
Xiao Yan suddenly released the weight,Lip,Then there is a light laugh.。
NS137chapter Chapter 137
NS137chapter Chapter 137
Xiao Johi and Yan Zhi’s task encountered some troubles, The ancient tomb that is involved in a grievance,Be unlearable。The same disciples from this same, cooperated with them to escape.。
The famous disciple of the Haizong’s leader is named。
Seeing this node in the scene:“……”
Can say。
Original plot deviates from solidity,This shows that Xiao Yao is no longer trapped in the reciprocating regret., Say you can go out soon.。But she didn’t expect Jingxuan to suddenly suddenly——Why is the automatic logic supplement of a floating border??
“Xiao You, Yan You。”
Before people, View of the way,Wen Wenya’s family son is very good。
However, this deliberately expensive appearance is covered,It is still more than Xiao Yao’s,The two stood together。Xiao Jo is even if you do anything else,It is still possible to depress the momentum,Make a losing『color』。
Jingji is estimated to find this,The smile on the face is stiff.。
He doesn’t know why it goes to turn it.:“A female sword under the old door, Sword out, Lake sea dance。Today’s see,Fruit name is not flexible。”