Chapter 724 Night Who said that I use it?

(Today’s third,I also want to write this paragraph.,But it is a god.,Can’t be too sloppy,It’s too short to say that I am too short.,Hey(╯﹏╰)
“You are really excellent,I am afraid of me.,Live such a long years,Also have never seen such excellent children like you。
The magic you just used is also very strong.,But just this extent,Still can’t have me。”
Apollo will fully evaporate the water stains,Looking at the night’s satisfaction。
Although he is under the lower bound,Because of various constraints,Unable to use all the power,But the night is just a magic,In fact, it is already hurt.。
Unfortunately, the night is unlucky is Apollo.,Sun god,From attribute,Too much rest of the night。
“Since you have such strength,Then I don’t have to worry about it, I will kill you.。
Let you make you feel good in my heart.,Next, I want to change your hand.!”
Apollo is talking,Suddenly illusion of a bow,To pull the bow,Bow and arrows burning with golden flames,Of course appears on the chandin。
This is the temperature of the bow arrow.,Even the surrounding space is distorted。
Well-known,Whether it is the sun god or the month,In fact, the most good use is the bow arrow.。
Or,I don’t know how many years.,Should be in any field,There are more or less involved。
But the night can feel,Apollo this attack,It’s really a lot than it.。
Because when he is aimed at the bow and arrow,His alert crazy show,The skin also appeared rare tremors。
It is clear,This arrow of the other party has been able to threaten him,If you are in shot,May may even die!
Night, use the color to predict the trajectory of the bow,Plan to make a pre-judgment action in advance。
But soon, he frowned his face.,Because he uses how to use it,Actually, I don’t predict how I should avoid it.,This arrow can’t avoid!
“It seems that you seem to have the ability to prestige attack.,And you should also see from your face.,You can’t avoid the arrow shooting。
Can become the main god,I naturally not eat dry rice.,But you don’t have to worry,I will not shoot your key,As long as you deeply remember me。”
Bow arch arrow Apollo,Very confident for your own arck,I used to be a magic with God, I wanted a few,He naturally does not believe that night can resist this hit.。
Skating can’t avoid it,Night, I feel that Apollo should have no deception.,Intuitive telling the night,I am afraid that I will leave this space.,This bows can also follow。
If the defense is not realistic,Sure enough bow and arrow,Moreover, the speed plus the speed of itself,I want to defense is almost difficult.。
And the main defense means of night,As long as it is“Ice”and“Armed tall domineering”,The ice estimates will be treated in a high temperature bow.,The words of the milit colors are able to defend,But there is no end in the heart of the night.。
Since avoiding unrealistic words with defenses,Naturally, I can only choose the hard top.。
Night is a foot,Powerful power instantly let the ground crack,Subsequent handlers,Make a throwing action。
The violent ice and snow began to attack around the night,A large number of snowflakes are like traction,Start the right hand to the night。
A flutter ice blue,Gorgeous long gun,Slowly starting from the gun forces to emerge in the hands of the night。
Long gun is two meters,The gun body is completely crystal clear,The gun body is also hovering this one-tooth dance jaw,Gunhead,The whole ice gun exudes the cold people。
Apollo shot a bow from the air,Arrows in a sudden moment,Turning a tail flame plundering。
Dramatic high temperature combustion air,Evaporate the water around the week,Substantized hot gas,Even faintly affects the entire space。
As if Apollo just shot, not a arrow,But a small sun!
“Dragon·Ice pool!”
Almost in Apollo shot the bow and arrow,Night feet stepping the ground,Right hand of muscle green gluten,Also throwing the cold hoist in your hand。
Cold holes that are off,It’s like a dragon that is an envoy.,With a cold that is enough to let all things,Roaring is like a bow, which is like a small sun and。
Dragon roaring,It’s like a flying dragon.,I plan to swallow the small sun.。
But the sun is awkward,When the dragon opened his blood, he opened his blood.,The bow is a horror high temperature in an instant.,I originally a small sun in the big dragon.,In a moment, it expands.!
Bow arrow collides with the gun tip,The heat of terror is with Senren’s cold,A fierce collision has occurred。
Because of huge impact,Places where both collides,Space or even cracks,And these cracks are still expanding and spreading。