Bus rear row。
IGYOthers look at everything in front of the front row,One of the faces of a smile。
With the action of Wu Gui once again imitating the work before Qingwen,This helper is finally I can’t help but。
Subsequent,A burst of cheerful laughing sounds in the bus。
Chapter 88 Blood is full of water
Suzhou,Palace cleavage。
Time has already entered8Month tail,Another opening season is coming。
Many people are still mourning the holiday short,There are also many people don’t care.,Because starting school is just a learning class,I have changed to school.。
But this about everything about students,From this summer,All will be losing with the palace clearing.。
Because he is ready,Just in these days, go to school to handle the dropout.。
So students’ lives regardless of the breath of youth,Still full of questions and test programs,He didn’t matter to him.。
The family is very smooth,Zhang Etai let him play the career and try it.,That is natural to do a good job in the dental school.。
Mi Chu Xiong still has an unacceptable look,After the palace Qing Wen, he did not take care of him.。
But in front of the tension,Everything about Mi Chu Xiong,That is not a problem。
School,As long as parents agree,They will not block too much,The top more is a few sentences with the humanitarian spirit.。
Gently 揉 揉 揉,The palace clearing is a bit of emotion,Own life,It seems to be started from this summer,Into another road。
A little unexpected,There are also excitement and 忐忑。
Stretched a lazy waist in bed,Palace Qingwen sits on the bed。
He and Zhang Hai said that he decided to go to play career.,His room has been released。
Palace Qing Wen just prepared to take a mobile phone brush post,I knocked on the door.。
Follows,It is the voice of Miyi with some excitement.:“elder brother,elder brother,You open the door,I have brought you two of your fans.。”
Sighed,Palace Qingwen is standing helplessly,He was originally planning to take advantage of this two-day holiday batch.,Take a rest。
The result will be returned home,Miyi is bothering that he has just stopped,Another signature is taking pictures。
Palace Qingwen feels that he is not home,Is a private rice book。
This is not……All your pine ribbles。
open the door,Palace Qing Wen gently rubbed the eyebrow,Helplessly:“Palace,What kind of moth do you do?”
With some grievances, I have finished this sentence.,Palace Qingwen suddenly saw,The palace is also following two young boys.。
The same is exactly the same as two junior high school growth,At this time, the expression on the face is also the same as the unspeakable excitement.。
Sweep two people,The palace is somewhat embarrassed to avoid the eyes of the two people.,Look at your own sister。
Miyi is not panicked at his gaze,Instead, it is a head of the palace.。
“elder brother,You look,I don’t know these two people.?”
Palace Qing Wen Wen Wen,Staring at the door, the two look like a twins who have just lastformed it later.。