Shangguan Yue,Yeah,Brahma,Shangguan Yue, four people nodded,Staring at the void of death。
The lightning in the void is more violent,Aliicine for a lightning ocean,Flooded10Kilometers,The colorful lightning is flashing with colorful light。
A black vortex hour。
Powerful,The air-covered breath passes the black swirls,A stranded world,Passing with a no-oppressed breath。
“Wangyi owner six people!”
Lin Feng stared at the road。
The so-called king owner,It is the strong people who thoroughly recovery in the neat borders,Equivalent to human condensation。
When their blood is further transformed, it is the emperor.,Of course, according to the white man of the origin of the temple,There is also a higher god pulse。
“Wang6people?”Shangguan Yue,Yeah,Brahma,Shangguan Yue, four people heard the words,Actually there are so many masters。
“Be careful。”Lin Feng reminded。
“it is good!”Shangguan Yue,Yeah,Brahma,Shangguan Yue, four people heard the words,Each double eye is deeply exposed。
Just when the five people whispered,The whirlpool in the lightning ocean completely appeared in this world.,This sky is like a vulnerability in the sky.。
The horrible breath comes again。
“Ha ha!Humble reptile,Let me harvest your soul.,I,The human beings here really。”Black swirls have come out of a tall figure,This is a human shape,Men wearing bronze tattoo,Evil on the body。
There are two angles on his head.,This two is like a dragon corner.。
Hand holding a black long gun。
“Madman,Don’t arrogly,Be careful of these crawles have some means。”Tight with this magic eye,I walked out of a man wearing red robes.,Men’s face with sacred breath。
He has a pair of golden wings,His hand is holding a sword,Eyebrows are light golden。
“Road,After all, the crawler is reptile,He is just a spirit we created.,Can you still bite??”Magic voice scornful laugh:“You are really a bold,These reptiles have been charged with me.。”
“Madman,Do you have forgotten that two women??They are difficult to deal with。”Lu Ziyin test laugh:“Your Mozu loses many people,Instead, it was killed by many people.。”
Magic henars, gloomy, water。
“All right,Don’t quarrel,We are coming to hunting。”After the road, I walked out of a man who was equally evil.,Men ugly,Row,Head with angle。
His hand is holding a sword。
“good,We are coming to hunting。”Road is laughing。
“Hunting,But you have to help us find Suzaku family this time.,According to the news,This is the birth of a person with a Suzaku blood.,Must be dead,Drop the glory of our Suzaki。”
Tight the ugly man,There is also a man’s figure.,Men’s body,Wearing a fire red robes,The eyebrows with a flame mark,Men’s twisted sharp。
Body with a high high atmosphere,Let the Buddha walk into the mud,Face with a feeling of disgusting,The man is holding a mouth,This is the strong man of the Shenzakan family。
And this man is listed in the two faces of the men.,A man is full of cyan,Wear huge dragon corners on the head,His body is incomparable,Dram Dragon Wan。
This dragon is far from the golden rush.。
This man is the master of the Shenlong family。
Another man is full of flames,Wear big red robe,Shaft a flame imprint,It is also a strong man of Suzaku.,Hands holding a fire red beads。