“Main leading call,So anxious,What is it for??”

Zhang Wei asked。
Now this time,Gao Biyi is rare to be in the gentle town?
“You see this map,I didn’t see anything.?”
Gao Biyi refers to several positions that use a charcoal pen circle.。
“I don’t know if it is a lower eye.,Very like two hands and one head。”
have to say,When the map is coming over,I don’t think it is,But come over,The effect is completely different.。
Sure enough??
Gao Boi nodded,If you only see yourself,Then it may be coincidence。If everyone is seen,Then this may have some regular things.。
“If you are Yu Yu,Um,Zhou Rang Emperor,So if you are fighting against Qi,How often?”
Gao Baoyi asked。
“Take advantage of the national strength of Qi State and the capacity of the Dadu,A battle,Nothing is nonsense。Yu Yu as long as it is not a brain.,Can’t do so bad things,so”
Zhang Wei frowned,Immediately emphasize:“Jinyang is the foundation of Qi Guo’s defense。Lose the city,Jinyang is still,Didn’t taste it without winning。Once you lost Jinyang,Light against Yucheng,It is difficult to get difficult。
Yu Yu’s brain is not stupid,Be sure to know,Getting Jinyang needs to pay very large,The possibility of success is extremely small!He won’t do this.。”
Zhang Wei is worthy of the military division in front of Gaoyue.,Very comprehensive analysis of this set。In fact, Gao Biyi is also thinking about it.。Raiders Jinyang,Must have to wait for North Qi to weak,After losing the rescue capability。
Don’t watch the defeat of Yu Tai Mountain,Don’t look at the battle of Yuki Mountain, the name of Gao Chang,Actually,Before the war,They have already understood many problems.,People are not stupid at all!
“So I want Yu Yu,As long as you get Luoyang, you can collect troops.,Just win Luoyang,So a million!”
NS1102chapter Left hand or right hand(Down)
If you are Yu Yu,What would you do?
At this time, Gao Biyi and Zhang Wei in the study room.,In the mind, it is constantly rotating with this thought.。
“You said,If there is a choice,Yu Wei will definitely take Luoyang as the first goal。Only when he is unable to take advantage of Luoyang,Come elsewhere,For example, Pingyang Today, Linyi and other places Raiders,Is this like this??”
Gao Bao felt,Just now Zhang Wei is to express this meaning。
“Luoyang,For Yu Yu,Is it really important??”
Gao Bao is not ancients,Some concepts,His mind is not so clarity。In the later generation,Although Luoyang can’t say it is not worth mentioning,But I also lost the brilliance of the past。
Up to the prefecture-level city of the central province,Energy is really limited。
But this era,Luoyang has just dropped from a brilliant peak of it.,Yu Weihang。
“Leader,For the emperor,One city,Sometimes important,But sometimes it is not so important。Got the defeated Luoyang,For Zhou Rang,The actual significance is very limited。
Here as the front line,It is always the battle of the two countries.,Land can’t stabilize output。”
Zhang Wei said,Mainly Yu Yu get Luoyang,Don’t have any substantive harvest。Now this Luoyang,It’s no longer the Eastern Han Dynasty Luoyang City.。
“However,Don’t forget the main public,Qi Dang and Zhou Guo,Fighting is not only national power,There is still a big potential!If you say the world is really a dragon,So Luoyang is the end of the dragon!
What is Yu Yu??He wants a big potential!Luoyang will be an obvious signal!It is said that Zhou Guo also has the ability to fight against the world.。
So the main bureau is taboo,The main force is arranged in the surrounding area of Luoyang!”
Zhang Wei, the more excited,He used to be a small marine,It’s also a few brushes.。This time,No matter what routine,Luoyang is the most important goal,No accident。
As for other places,Zhou Rang is probably able to smash it,Can’t figure out,let it go。In addition to Jinyang,The other places take down the strategic meaning very limited。
If Yu Yu is a talent,So,He will definitely put the goal in Luoyang,Because of a big joyful。