Xiao Song finished all these things in one breath,Also quiet down,Perhaps this catharsis is also a psychological reaction to her about to leave the homeland。

Neither of the two spoke,Silently walked around the yard again。Li Tianchou adjusts the atmosphere,Pretending to be easy:“how about it,How is this body recovering?Already two laps,I’m not breathless,Heart not beating。”Talking and deliberately trying to hide on the ground,The sound of the mountain,Looks powerful。
Xiao Song smiled,“Yes,yesterday afternoon,Someone is so bullish,But I don’t know why I fell down suddenly,Almost met God heroically。”
“Ha ha,accident,it a accident。”Li Tianchou is speechless,Xiao Song teased himself with words,He can only sneer and prevaricate。This bad impression is really troublesome,Turned out to be the laughing stock of the other party。
“Sit by the rockery over there and go back。”Xiao Song suggested。Li Tianchou nodded,No objection。
The two have just settled down,Small door in the cloister on the left“Creak”Bang,Actually opened,Peng Weihua came in from the door with a sweat,I saw them suddenly,The expression instantly becomes wretched,“You look,I can run into it anywhere,I really don’t blame me。”Although Peng Weihua’s mouth is strange,But I didn’t stop there,Go straight to the small building,It looks like I went to find Uncle Geng。
“Dogs bark,Peng Wulai。”Xiao Song cursed behind his back dissatisfied。
“uncle,New situation。”Peng Weihua yelled as soon as he walked in,Uncle Geng frowned,How can Ahua become more and more uncomfortable?
Peng Weihua can’t care much,Suddenly lower your voice,“The flying monkey is missing,After showing up in the morning,I have never seen a figure again。”
Uncle Geng moved after hearing this,“make it clear。”
“Two footholds of Flying Monkey,I have people staring day and night。Maybe this guy has something recently,So be very cautious。What garden community,He never went back,For several days I spent the night in a rental house not far away。His whereabouts the previous two days,I guess I have almost touched us here。
“The Flying Monkey was a rental house that came back late at night yesterday,In the morning, Broad Beans saw him go out to buy too early,Then I went back to the house and never saw it again。
“It’s almost noon,I don’t know why next to that rental house,Somebody fights,Broad bean feels something is wrong,After talking to me,He pretended to be a courier to see what happened,The door of the rental house is not closed,I opened the door and found no one inside。”Peng Weihua described the details of the matter in one go,Obviously very anxious。
Uncle Geng’s expression is stern,Frowning。
“uncle,Did this kid find us,Sneaked up?”Peng Weihua still couldn’t hold back,Interrupted Uncle Geng。
“This possibility does not rule out,But I’m afraid there is another reason。”Uncle Geng stood up suddenly,“Inform Xiangdong that they are all back,Move faster,Moved all tonight,Don’t take anything you can’t take。In addition,Let your people hide,Don’t show up for now。”
Although Peng Weihua is anxious,But when I heard Uncle Geng suddenly became more anxious,Can’t help being surprised,“uncle,is it so serious?”
“May be more serious。”Uncle Geng snorted coldly,“Xie Fushun is the point,In the afternoon you will see him go first。I’ll go see Baoju first。”Uncle Geng didn’t pay attention to Peng Weihua,Went straight downstairs。