“That will not,We don’t miss the money.,Now redemption now,Can also save interest money,It has been equal to the capital white.,Such a cheap thing,Why don’t you do it??”

thirty million,Even15Annual interest rate to calculate,Three years have to pay for interest1350Ten thousand,The amount is not small.,Why is it possible to save??
I know that Xu Fei is returned.,I don’t know, I thought he was assisted.,This kind of retaliation can help him save money,The king is not soaked.。
Chapter 79 Xu Fei The script is wrong.
Simple in mind,Just now I am angry,Wang Zhixin has not thought about it yet,Now,Several people suddenly suddenly turned over。
“Yup,Premise in advance,For us,It’s really beneficial to the disadvantage.……Do not,Disadvantageous。”Wang Zhixin immediately excited。
Bad things,Others are also happy,Laugh。
Wang Liu told:“Liang Director,You let the finance ready for money,Go downstairs to give me the bonds to me,Talk to them,Bond term is not,No interest in advance。
Also help me prepare a money,The downstairs is all retail,The real big head is still in Hengchang hands.,Just already call the phone,I also ask us to redemption in advance,Since the opening,Then we are as expected。”
“clear,I will be ready。”Liang Yue,The radio is straight.。
Wang Zhixin and others also pay attention to。
Wang traffic pick up the phone,I called Wu Fan directly。
“Wu Manager,I have already considered it.,Bonds we can redeem,But the agreed period is not,Premise in advance,We do not pay interest,I hope you can understand it.。”
“Understanding,Premise in advance,Equal to contract invalid,Do not pay interest is also。”Wu Fan Song,They are in default,I have to go back to this gold.,I didn’t think about it.。
King:“Well,I have made financial preparations.,Bonds also ask Wu Manager to help raise good,I will send people to handover.。”
“it is good。”Wu Fan is fast。
Hengchang Securities。
General Manager’s Office。
Xu Fei、Zuoshengqiang is,Liu’an, with general manager,Three people drink tea,Smoke,Talk about very much。
“Two,I can help, I can help.,I have passed the creditor.,Bond can redemption in advance,But the two say good promises, don’t forget,After the bond is redeemed,Two bids18,Five-year period20Interest rate,Bonds to customers,I can agree with you for you.,If you can’t do it?,Tag me in the middle,I am very difficult.。”
Liu An half opened a smile half-truth reminder。
He is a person of Zuo Xi,I have always been looking at him,Left Shengqiang is Zuo Xi Chengzi,I know this,Going to the door, please help,Face can be given,But if you say, he has to say it in advance.。
“Mr. Liu is relieved,We will definitely say,Will not make you difficult。”Left Shengzhong promised,The laughing of the mouth is hidden。
The launch bore is the first step in redeeming the king,Waiting for the project and then learn Wang flowing bonds to raise development funds is the second step.,This is what he is good with Xu Fei.,Of course it will be said。
Say that I am flying to make an eye,The latter,Push the box in front of Liu An,Laugh:“This time, Thank you, I will help.,A little bit,Mr. Liu receives。”
“What does this do??Both people,Help it’s busy.,Multivation,Get back。”Liu An refused,Hand has already touched the box。
Left Shengqiang laughed:“Is a little bit,Liu always think more,Bonds are still to help you,Light requires macro-red redemption is not enough,I must let him redemption,And have to be as soon as possible,Solve more than night long dreams。”
“do not worry,I will help you.。”Liu An promised,The box is also accepted.,Not open,Unwell,Two……Used in a box,Specify less。
The smile on the face is more,Help,If you can have additional gains,That is also very good。