Young handsome guy holds a seat back,Use magnetic voice:“Do you want to hear a good news?,Still bad news?”

Han Jiang is hitting in the third row, looking at what happened in front.,Our last fairy is also a wide school in Guangjie.。
Y Hua is pushing young handsome guy to one side,I don’t look at it.。
“The other side of the eyeliner is extended to the airport.,There are still a few of our base.。”
Young handsome guy shrugged,A hand is placed on the face,Said with young girl:“Three must be left in the 12,Our internal system has probably has some problems.。”
“There are not many people in hand.,There are thirty people,But there are nine as you like me.,Not good at fighting。”
Young handsome guy waved,I turned again into a woman who discounted the practice.。
“This isWraith,AffiliatesALevel female Wushen。”Fuhua turned to Hanjiang, Hanjiang, behindhae。
“The god of women is not only responsible for fighting against collaps.,Among them,This time in Temasek is studying。”
WraithBeing obliquely pinched on the seat to watch Hanjiang,“I will say it.,This little thing is still used to send you over.,It turned out to have apprentice.。”
“Not apprentice。”
“Oh?”WraithThe face on the face is rich,“That is”
“never mind,Go to the place,Brother,Don’t be afraid to wait later.。”
Hanjiang has no expression, this is good at camouflageALevel female Wushen,It seems that he is the purpose of him.,That is to cultivate his other capacity?
“Do it!”
Fu Huayu,The inquira, who was originally sitting in the second row, has disappeared。
The van is driving to a unmanned alley,Fuhua has standing on the roof,Three black cars that followed behind。
“I am coming too!”Hanjiang starts armor ready to go on top。
WraithA hand was pressed in the shoulders of Hanjiang:“Neutral countries can enter the gods of Wushu,Men’s martial arts,I am honest to watch it in the car.,Yihua is enough to solve the problem.。”
Broken car stops,A black trolley stops in front of the small alley。
“Finally stopped,Why don’t you ran??”Four cars opened the door at the same time,Going out from above 10 people wearing a black suit hand holding weapon。
“People who reverse entropy prefer to wear black west?”Han Jiang couldn’t help but spit a sentence。
The other party is not ink,After the staff is ready,A batch of rushing,Another batch of people rushing on the bread。
The sound from the pistol with a special silencer has not yet the balloon explosion.,It is not small after the bullet is playing on the van.。
“Ha ha,Do you have a little brother?,Do not worry,This van has passed a layer of titanium alloy.,This little pistol is still not worn.。”WraithLooking at Hanjiang worried eyes laughing。
“I am not afraid.。”honestly,Hanjiang faces these people not only not afraid,Instead, some curious these people’s combat methods。
“Don’t pretend to be calm,In fact, I am afraid of it.。”WraithLaugh in the road。
Chapter 83 deal with
Two people talk,Outside a suit man was smashed on the door。
After all, more than ten people,Embassay, a punch,Also get ten boxes,I have to avoid the black gun released by each other.。
In this time,Already touched the door,Want to catch people in the car。
The front of Fuhua said that he is not good at fighting.ALevel female Wushenwraith,One foot is going down a person who wants to come up.。
“Brother,Take a good look at how they fight。”wraithFinger of Hanjiang fingers。
Glass through black,The other party is almost one side。