Jiangyou people,In order to enter the Luke Group,But squeezing the blood flow,Blue Xin refused。

Can Lan Xin is indeed a talent,In his eyes,Man capable of passing the design,Only her blue is。
His evil smile,Ridicule:“Still Blue Director feels that he is unable to compete for the head office?”
Ridicule,Suddenly let the blue heart rose a strong fighting spirit。
She has a professional smile,Confident and calm answer Lu Haozheng:“The Lu has thought about it.,Design drawings,Online, you are here,One-time passed,My ability,Uninoup,And the competency director,For me,Not too big pressure,But my family,Both in Fan City。”
Blue Xin explained his http://www.nanyatechan.cn concerns clearly,So her misunderstanding,She is not worth it.。
For this design,She has a lot of bitterness。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Some somewhat can’t say,really,Beautiful beauty,Be more powerful,He simply lost the problem back to her.。
“This is not what I should consider.,starting today,The blue director is the person here.,I will send people in the branch.。”His words simple and rude。
Businessman,His first consideration is your own interests,Lin Xiaoman is not coming back.,Autumn clothing exhibition,Be sure to have the ability to compete。
Blue Xin looked at Lu Hao Cheng’s belly black face,She couldn’t help but wanted to tear her.。
Traitor,It’s really rape!
He quickly thoughtfully,But,She is the only purpose of her group,That is a revenge!
Jiang Jiahe http://www.qwoxki.cn Lu Group has always cooperated。
I think about it seven years ago,Her heart is like a needle。
This position,Sufficient to make her and the ginger。
these years,She will touch the bottom of the ginger.,Xi Xi and Yan Yan also helped her in secret,As long as one has a chance,She can revenge hate。
Leave and right think,Lu Haozheng threw the problem back to her.,Just knowing that she can’t ink this job.。
Looking at Blue Xin gradually exposed soft look,Lu Hao Cheng’s mouth reveals a smile。
Blue Xin lightly bites a pink lip,Heartbreaking,Also quickly。
She looks to Lu Hao Cheng, who is lazy to sit.,Gasproof,It seems to wait for her to answer,She smirk:“Thank you for the trust of Lu!”
Lu Haocheng suddenly smiled,He reached out and slept well.,Looking at Blue Xin。
Blue Xin also reached out and holding his http://www.banyn.cn handshake。
Lu Haocheng laughed:“Blue Director,I wish us a happy cooperation!”
“Apless cooperation!”Blue Xin also laughed with polite。
He is thinking about how and Xiao Jun still says.。
Lu Haozheng bowed,Unreholdsetting blue hands,Sudden,A mole on her back,Causing his attention,His look suddenly shock,The heart also jumped excitedly.。
This is the position of this,And blue。
Blue Xin saw Lu Hao Cheng’s mutant look,Quickly pick your own hand。
His remaining temperate on the upper side。What is this Lu Hao Cheng suddenly??Is there any problem with her hand??
She toughly pulled out a smile:“Continental,If there is nothing,I will go out first.。”
Finish,Lanxin is uncomfortable,Escape, fast step out of the office。
Lu Hao’s eyes fixed at the position,Blue Xin said?
He didn’t listen to him.。
Until blue,Close sound sounds,He came back to God。
He quickly picked up the phone on the desk,Dial the phone number of Muzi。
Mu Zihao is investing Lu Hao Cheng Yesterday’s car,Suddenly received the phone of Lu Haozheng,Just saying that there is something to say to Lu Haocheng.。
“Hao Jun……”