That is escaping here.,Be sure to escape here,Certainly。

Shroud of death shadow,Stimulate his potential,Murderous,Hey,Continuous trick,But it is a premier written by Xianti.。
“Dead……”He burst,The body is completely horizontally in the air,Like Changlong,Arms stretch,Hands together into a knife。
But all of his efforts have failed.。
Residual shadow。
噼噼啪 脆 脆 响 将 将 变 变 变。
The ancient morning feels the spicy pain from the neck,眼 眼,Dizzy,I fell again on the ground again。
“Ah……”“Ah……”Almost at the same time,The direction of the right side suddenly came into two uncomfortable screams.。
Victoria does not help。
She heard it,One of them is the voice of Williams。
What happened?
Isn’t the summer to take Dao??
Think here,She went to the past,Catch your dizziness past ancient collar,Quickly plunder in the direction of scream。
Soon to the destination。
But Victoria stunned。
The color of the excitement is turned over the face.。
Williams and Eddi fell to the ground,Their neck is distorted in a strange state,Eyes are highlighted,Pupil。
Obviously died。
And in front of them,Take a figure。
That is a white woman wearing a palace.,White yarn cover,Quietly 伫 立 立。
Even if the two bodies have also concealed her dust。
“Be,Be……”She recognized a woman in an instant.。
At the time of Vienna,After getting a complete butcher knife,It is the woman in front of this woman to suppress the evil power in it.。
Women turned,Spit out a word。
“I need you to help me do something.。
Toned,Supplementary,“He is in his restriction。”
What!Victoria is not shocked。
……At the same time。
The front of the rush to escape the shape。
Turn around。
Looking at a residue of the back。
His look is quite complicated。