Slow down from this bed,Crawling with a cockroach,Slowly appear in the sight of everyone。

Chapter 286 Playoffs
This is like a famous Japanese famous horror role,suddenly,Let four big men in the room screamed.。
If this is to let the hometown of Qingwen live broadcast。
Estimate the next day,UziHere to apply for staff,It is necessary to cross the entire store.。
No longer hesitate,Several people will take the door again,Even the palace clear,theshyThere are some slight crystals。
Just is too dark,It’s also a little urgent to run.,Palace clearlytheshyIs it really frightened?。
These……Also just start,In the next time,Everyone is looking for clues,I don’t know how many frightened。
finally,Another time in the dark aisle,UziSneer。
“Ah,My fucking is now afraid.,come,You come again.!”
He has doubles his three people behind him.,At the same time, he raisedUziSympathy。
I don’t know what is going on.,All the people in this secret room,Just like it is a discussion, you have to hit your own boss.。
In short,Every horrible scene occurs,UziIt’s all the most recent people.。
UziMiserable encounter,Let the three people who are full of fear feel。
Several experience of yourself,It seems that it is nothing.?
finally,Everyone screamed again、After roaring,I finally got out of the secret room.。
Just an out of the secret room,Oimmy will have a laughter and walk.。
Give four people per person a bottle of water,Oimmy looks a little funnyUzi。
“Jealous,If you are so scared,Don’t go in the forefront.。”
UziShake the shaking head,“You do not understand,I am not afraid.,Just to give our employees a little face。”
“Otherwise, they do so much efforts.,As a result, even if the screams are not received.,Then how much they should。”
This time,The impulse of Oomidi is almost inhibited.。
finally,She still laughed out。
And her laughter,It is an alorgano that is like a free run in the field.。
From the store escapped from the room,Everyone went again to eat a meal.。
I don’t know if it is because of sudden strenuous exercise.,There is too much heat consumed in the inner fear.。
In short,Four people this time,It is clearly improved a big cut。
Other guests in the store,I can’t help but get frequently cast curious sights.。
Finish,UziBlock the palace clearing and going to the taxitheshy。
Subsequent,Oimmy opened the car,andUziI sent two people together.IGBase。
This holiday this time,Also after this,Declaration。
Back to the basetheshy,It is some forced to followrookieSaying for these half days。
rookieIt is more interest,If it is not because of a girlfriend,He is also very interested in the secret room.。
Listen,rookieThe expression is a little funny.。
Obvious,theshyIt was said that everyone was scared.。
At about 6:30 in the evening,ngAnd Liu Qingcong has also returned to the base。
After they return to the base,At 7:30 in the evening,As early as a good training,Also started。
Short break,Is for better departure。