NS2601chapter Information

at night,Starpoint,Night color like water。
Weak starlight,Summer is carrying Chen Jiajun to run wild on the street。
Several flakes,It disappears in the dark shadow at very fast speed.。
Just Chen Jiajun is completely scared at this moment.。
Although he also has a few three-legged,But why have seen so beyond the common sense。
Jumping from the 11th floor,Like the monkey, it is generally flashing.,All the way,It’s just comparable to the spider in the film and television.。
At this moment, he is still behind http://www.stdz158.cn the neck.,The ears have only the scenes of calling winds and fuzzy backwards,Continuous direction。
Time is not long。
Summer coming to the nearest park,Choose a remote location,Put Chen Jiajun。
Not waiting for him to stand up,Icy sound sounds,“I have to ask you something.,Lying or concealing,die,If you make me satisfied,I will let you go a way.。”
“I say,I all said。”
Chen Jiajun is straightforward,Take care of pain,Also come true,When you are busy。
this moment,The inner heart is an unprecedented fear。
Summer will be bought in advance on your face,“Do you know me?”
Chen Jiajun’s consciousness。
Tightly,Two eyes,Noodles,“summer,summer?
you,You are summer……Not,Summer,You are summer……”Even in the past half a year,Chen Jiajun also forgot this person in front of him.。http://www.sxhyxlh.cn
Because,He grew up from small in compliment and charming,Also from what is afraid……I have a big loss in the hands of people in front of my eyes.。
months ago,He is dining with a female star in Qinghai,Conflict with people。
to be exact,It is the female star and the person has a hatred.,And he is a man,Naturally want to install one。
The result is reversed。
The more you can’t,Recommended ancient Wu Shiku,Suhang Dynasty Gongzi Jin Marriage, etc.……However, these are not used。
His identity background is not placed in the eyes.,Finally, I have interrupted my legs in front of you.,Going back the Yangcheng。
If http://www.maruiqi.cnonly this is only,Not yet let Chen Jiajun angry。
Let him feel fearful,People in the family,His father,Not only did not plan for him,Also, I still blame him.。
Even after he hurts,Go to Qinghai apologize to that person。
From that day,Chen Da Shao finally recognized a fact。