Standard professional black quarterOLPack,A pair of black high-heeled matching black stockings to a different temptation。

Slender waist isOLTightly tightly。
The most critical is the mature charm of the other party.,Even if the cold is also given a feeling of a feeling。
Just when Li Hui Feng has a lot of each other.,Xu Ruzhen also talked with Li Hui。
very young,I can’t say that it is handsome but gives a sense of look.,And I see the other party is not like unreasonable people.。
“manager,They want to make trouble,You don’t have to take them。”
Miss, Miss sales didn’t expect his manager, really,When you are afraid, even if you are afraid,Directly open the mouth to preparation of the mouth of Li Hui’s own。
“hehe,This manager,I want to invite you to identify this 88,000 clothes are not a defective product.?
Such a prostitute store,If you go out to sell the wandering pit customer,I think the loss is more than eight thousand eighth.?”
Originally Li Hui also wants to solve the heart.,But the sale of goods is really speechless.,What did he say yet?,Actually, I started to put it.。
“Our store sells all genuine,Pay one lost ten,This is your great peace of mind.。”
Said that Xu Ruzhen directly took the 88,000 clothes,Just just started her face changed.,Then I opened a trademark.,I looked at it.,Face is more difficult to look。
“This is not the clothes of our store.,This is also worse than the disabled.,Do you make a mistake??”
Xu Ruzhen made Li Hui Hui also a glimpse.。
“So, your clerk is lying.?
And I have just paid 8888,You can check the record,There is also this invoice,These can’t do it.?”
Say this,Li Hui suddenly remembered what,Laughing and looking at the sale of goods:“Just now, the fake one lost ten,Now you know that even the disabled is better.,Then I think I can fake one.?”
Li Hui’s words let Xu Ruzhen frown,Then look at the sale of goods immediately。
“Smalluminum,You have been three years with me.?
I don’t want to be more important now.,I look at it yourself.。”
For Xia Xiaomile, Xu Ruzhen is also known.,It is not easy to fight in rural children.,Then she took it.,Okay at the beginning,But with the county life,Then there have been some boyfriends who are not three.,She feels that this girl is one day.。
Especially the clothes wearing each other after get off work,Drawing makeup,Also recently treating customers attitude,She is all known。
If it is not looking at the other party, he has three years.,She has never resigned the other party.,Just didn’t think that the other party actually so bold,Actually sell fakes in the name of her store,And still selling the most expensive style。
Xia Xiaomin listened to Xu RuzhenNThat cold voice,I still want to argue.,But when you see the chill of the opponent’s eyes,I have no strength to continue to resist.。
“manager,I’m wrong,Is my money,Midway changed clothes,Manager you forgive me once.,I promise that I have not been next.。”
“Where is your fake clothes??
And where all the fakes are placed?,How much is sold??”
Listening to Xia Xiaomin,Xu Ru’s chest of the chest。
“I am not selling.,Today is the first time,did not expect” “I didn’t expect it to be discovered.?”
“Now with you two choices,Have a resignation to compensate this Mr. 10 times a fine,Or my alarm makes you in the reflection,I will not pay for you.,Because I have reminded you many times before.。”
On the work problem,Xu Ruzhen does not doping a little feeling,She feels that it is because it has been doped.,So let Xia Xiaomin have more and more people.。
Xia Xia Min listened to this, soft, soft, soft on the ground。
“Xu Manager,I’m wrong,I don’t dare.,These clothes are coming in my boyfriend.,And I sold this piece,Others are still in our warehouse,I really didn’t move.。”
Looking at Xia Xiaomin Lace Rain,There are no more sympathy in addition to Xu Ruzhen in addition to Xu Ruzhen.。
Even if it is a kind woman in Qin Su, it is full of disgusting.。
Because it is not a ridicule of each other,Li Hui Hui will not spend so much money at all,And laugh at the rustic rustic in the soil wear.,As a result, they spent more than 80,000 or fake。