The girl of the storm center is indifferent to everything,A touch of smiles in your mouth。

Another city in the distance,I just started to be lost from the sky and bowed a lot of buildings.,City gas bears fire。
Teenage girl wearing red armor with a flame,Laugh laugh。
A city in the north,A girl in a deep purple walks into the crowd,Continuously touch everyone in the crowd。
Not in touch,She is going to say something sorry.。
She apologized to someone or someone,But it is definitely not these people in front of you.。
But all those who have been encountered by her,The body will become black in black,Disperse in the world。
Girls have a heartache, people who are killed by themselves,The whole city is shrouded,Her pair of tears in a darkness is like a column of the disconnection.,Row。
More in the north of the north,Xilin Station is in front of a mailing method with moon。
As long as she created three plans to kill more,The power here is gathered more。
“great,The same as God said。”Xilin looked at the way:“Destroy human city,Kill more people,Sure enough, you can bring me a powerful power.。”
“They are doing very well。”
Xilin step by step to the array,Salament on the side:“Everything is ready,I want to be on this awkward antity.,Establish a paradise belonging to my people!”
“Bella,When I didn’t come back,Not allowed to be close to。”
Xilin has a walking method,Using space forces,Step by step to the void,I don’t know where it goes.。
Bella is still loyal to supplement a sentence,“Even if the sacrifice,I will also guard your stay here.,Don’t let anyone get close to one step!”
Qi Yana was arranged to have a near-temporary camp.,Salome was brought back to the Heavenly Headquarters by Nikolas and Cheng Li Xue.。
On the other side, Han Jiang and Qiger are watching the latest information obtained by reverse entropy.,Now this situation,Even inverse entropy does not send people,I can know almost based on TV broadcasts.。
Multi-cities around the world are suspected of lapse,When watching, Qifu has been holding a fist,What is worried?,It is also worried about something。
“Is the second law!”Qi Gi is not sitting,Get up, you have to leave,“I have to catch back to take care of my wife and daughter.!”
“How come you go back??”Han Jiang took Qigue,“Airplane back?”
“Those who are like a girl, you didn’t see it.?”Han Rong said:“I know that you have the strength to deal with their strengths.,It is now now the big forces are preparing to defense.,If there is no password for reverse entropy,They will let you fly over the airspace during the war.?”
“The doctors of the reverse entropy are tightening the time to study from the moon.,It’s all to deal with the second law.,Now take time to schedule you to go back and talk to all parties?”
“Semilia is the most powerful female Wuhen,She will definitely!”
Qi Gi flee a tight,Spit a sentence from the teeth。
“It’s because she is the strongest female god.,So I will worry.!”
Suddenly the door was opened,Ali Steiner,Say in the door:“Mr. Qifu Fei,Perhaps, etc. is the most correct choice.。”
Ai Minstan said:“Just in the soul steel samples you brought back,We have resolved some very interesting things。”
“I think the information……And the Caslan family has a deep relationship。”
“what?”Qi Guan is different:“Caslan family?Moon?”
Alustan nodded:“Yes,In order to thoroughly understand these materials,I think we need help with Mr. Qi Fei.。”
“this……”Qi Gay is anxiously:“Just when I came out from Alaha,I can also contact Seliia,But now……”