Nalan can’t help but ask。

Yunnang laughs and not speak。
you ask me,Who will I ask?。
I don’t know why he is.。
I only know that he is strong.,Kill the super power such as the cliff。
I only see,He just lost a few destinations,Just put the next anti-its skill,Completely hide your body shape and breath。
I only heard,Star owner purses him in the field of refinery,Absolutely also have extraordinary achievements。 Just did not confirm。
Follow the last side of Wang Chen hated,I can’t say what I should.。
“No wonder can be the order,Isn’t it a teacher?,Cow,After this,Laozi must pay attention to the lesson……”Some dark ideas keep flashing in my mind.。
at this time,He suddenly found a few women in front of Nalan stopped,When it is called,Heartbeat。
“what happened,Is it discovered by the enemy。”
Reason low,“I said.,This kid is not reliable……Uh,What is your eyes??”
He saw Nalan three women turned into the eyes。
“Are you stupid?,Have arrived。”
Wang Chen,Cheeks hot,In order to cover up,Hurry forward。
I saw the summer and the clouds and stations.,It is looking forward。
Unfortunately, the front is white.,Can’t see。
At this time,Summer lifting arms,Ahead,Lower sound channel,“Direction of the array,Up to 300 feet,It’s the eye.,Next,Follow my footsteps,Don’t go wrong with a step。”
The look of the clouds,Turning a few people,“All heard it.,Don’t go wrong with a step。
Don’t talk。”
“heard it。”
Everyone is almost,Whisked。
Next distance,Everyone is very slow。
The last one stepped on the front of the previous person.。
I do not know how long it has been,Summer calls out a breath,Post-emotive road,“Just now, the road is very dangerous,Three hundred pairs around,Some people ambush,it’s OK now。”
Heard this sentence,Everyone all couldn’t help but。
“Three hundred people have someone else?”
Yunnang swallowed a mouthful of water,Until at this time, I feel my heartbeat.。
The rest of them is also a discolored,Cold sweat。
“right,Someone,but,As long as you don’t touch the array,Concentrate isolated,They also found that we can’t。”