Various can come back,The guy who takes the dish is eight or nine is nine uncles.,Let him heal,Isn’t it fast forward to blow??

Dragon is a face,All kinds of unwillingness。
Liao Wenjie got this big handsome,The appearance does not speak flat,Have a very characterful,A bit like security captain Away。
But this is not the key,The key is that he has no blood.,Eye nest,Lip blue hairstyle,A pair of illnesses,Sad player。
Especially his hands ten fingers,The nail is fine and long,Hidden metal luster。
Don’t want to think,In the middle。
match of major,Nine uncles see what the dragon is what is wrong.,Not much nonsense,Waiting in this place,If Long Shuai does not want to find him to see a doctor,Guaranteed turning。
“Triple,You are sitting first,I have two sentences with my brother-in-law.。”
Mi Mi Yingzhi,Just caught up with meals,Let the cook add three tableware。
Dragon Shuai has not yet cooked food recently,So today, the big handsome is to eat sashimi,Neon,Especially mustard,Absolute authentic。
Liao Wenjie glasses a lack of interest,Nine Uncle and Qiusheng have not eaten sashimi,Curiously tasted a few mouthfuls。
Although it is quite weird,But the taste is excellent,Based on exotic style opportunities,One person, a few chopsticks,I have a clean this.。
at last,There is only one green and secluded mustard.。
“Master,This is not easy to eat.,Still me??”Qiusheng smiled。
“This is mustard,Single,Do not eat mustard、soy sauce,It will be difficult to swallow。”Liao Wenjie explained a sentence。
“understood,This piece is the essence。”
Qiusheng smiled,Stilldered,Picking up chopsticks。
“You are Master,you first。”
“This is almost!”
Nine uncles,He is actually do not want to eat,But Qiusheng is too irregular,Little small temptation is placed in front of you,I forgot the teacher’s turnover,If you let him pay,Will not last day?
Can’t be bad,Gifts can’t waste,In order to give Qiusheng a lesson,This……I don’t know what it is.,He laughed。
Under the lookout of Liao Wenjie,Nine uncle swallowed a large piece of mustard,in a blink,Cranial cavity,Stimulated to the eye,Swarf tears mixed with one place,I can’t say a wolf。
“Master,Is there such a delicious?,You are crying。”Qiusheng seemed to be embarrassed,Under the mean。
“it is good,good to eat,Go back……I give you……And Wencai……Asked one copy……”
Nine uncles crying,It’s delicious to eat the tongue.,Autumn,I am looking forward to it.。
He is thinking about it,Only work-lived talents are eligible to harvest,Equity has not worked,How to eat food,That belt。
Liao Wenjie,It is nine uncles,Flying,Do you want to change your temper or not changed?。
Sneak,A woman outside the door supports the handsome lady walks into。
Inner brunette shawl,Half face,Disappointment,Static appearance is slightly smart;A beautiful woman in the latter,Clothes, exuberant,Pearl treasure,Because of the age of October,Mature,Also with a brilliant motherhood。
“Yes……lotus,Lotus girl……coming。”
Nine uncles,Face rose red,Standing in front of Miqi Lian, don’t say,A gentle tear。
Mi Qi Lianwang,She knows that Nine uncle is a person who reads the old feelings.,But her husband is still there.,Nine uncle feelings have been so fierce,Some are not suitable。
To avoid suspicion,Miqi Lian did not dare to say anything,Please, nine Uncle, you must make Dragon’s medical doctor.。
“you……do not worry,This inclusion is in me.。”