“……The word my diary is written seriously!”The nose is ugly。

“Or ugly。”
“……You can’t peek at my thoughtful!”槐 序 序 憋 好 好 久,I only have such a sentence.,It is very serious.。
“I’m not interested in。”
This is, even if it is confusing。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 249 痨 痨 小 怪
Has been over 7 o’clock,Outer is still bright,It’s getting late recently.。
But the weather is still the weather in winter.。
Zhou still opens the table lamp,Warm color sprinkles full desktop,It looks very http://www.xmdy222.cn comfortable。Then he spread a book at the table,I put it out again and put it on the book.,Torked the group of the buddle reached out。
“Come,I am holding。”
“Humph!”The group is a twist,“do not want!”
“Groups don’t like you!”
“Why don’t you like us??”
“Because the gigners are talking to you, you don’t care about me.!The group of people want to have a cup,You don’t want you!”The group said that it is still not convinced.,“That is your pleasure!”
“This way.……”
Zhouzhi is not reluctant,I turn back again.,It is also,He did not see the eyes of the group。
Humph!I don’t have to marry her.!
The big people gornes have become drums.!
It’s just next to it.,She showed the shopping interface on the phone to Zhou.:“Which of you do??These messy pinyin and names have seen my head.!”
“Buy and I bought http://www.rendezvousmerryhotelshanghai.cn the same paragraph.。”
“also!What is your name??”
“I am looking for you.……this。”
“What configuration http://www.shzhabeiqulvshi.cn is selected??”
“The most expensive。”
“complete in one step,Otherwise, you will still don’t work in the future.。”Zhou gives the Suggestions of Zhongken。
“Are you the most expensive??”
“I suspect that you are deliberately pitted.,How long does it take?,Your money is more than me.!”槐 is silent。