It may be a complex in the heart of the long gate.。

After all, he believes in the spring.。
“I see”Xiao Nan whispered。
I hope that they will not appear in the future, they will die.。
Base of the big snake pill,The other two of the organization are here。
“The news passed?”
It is still looking at the top of the mask to look at the top of the surface.。
“Have passed,But what do you tell?”Unfolbened。
Quan Wei went to Rock Village and did not affect them。
What is the important message he passed?,Why do you tell him about this??
“This is just to make the long door to understand the spring.,I want to take his character,May not wait for a resurrection”Tongli faintly。
With the soil and never clear the agreed agreement。
Although I have to wait for the time to resurrect one end,The nine tails of the wooden leaves cannot be moved.,But they still can shoot eight tails。
But so long,The long door still has no action,This makes it dissatisfied with soil。
“Once the door caught eight tails,Then the next thing is the spring and the leaves.”Belt soil and talking。
“So this is ah,You can really sinister”Laughter。
The land of the belt is to provoke the battle again.,They are good to take the profit。
“but,I found a sudden forest in the country of the wind.,See the situation should be wooden”Suddenly said。
“do not worry about it,After all, I love Luo is still in the Sky Parliament.,Let Spring help the country to make a forest and normal,Just I didn’t expect him to do this.”With the disdainful。
“Too,But I still didn’t find their base position.,In case he is not working.”Prostitute。
“Then let’s come,I have many ways to make him have to appear in front of us.”With the darkness of the earth。
Obviously, the soil is very confident on this.,He is not worried about the spring.。
“Let it go,Go see the results of the big snake pills,No these,We are not using the spring.”Belt soil。
And the other side of the big snake pill is listening to the letter。
There is no problem with the vital signs of the clones.,It can be aware that the speed is too slow.。
In fact, this has been involved in the soul.,Growth of consciousness,It means the birth of the soul。
How is the soul generated?,Big snake pill is not clear。
When a sense of consciousness seems to be automatically generated,The written eye that has been manufactured before, is likely to be because of the cause of the soul.,There is no ability to appear。
“This speed is too slow.”Big snake pills。
“no way,To this extent they use illusion to make memories,Their awareness can’t get up.”Xin Sheng said。
These clones have just been born,Once too much memory, it will lead their awareness to crash。