“You fucking old wish……”Peng Weihua wanted to make a joke at Zhu Lei,But the other one is Li Tianchou,He closed his mouth abruptly。But still unwilling to mumble,“Is it scary to play?In case I have a gun in his hand,Your kid will be miserable?”

The air in the courtyard suddenly looked dull,Zhu Lei stepped forward and said in a deep voice,“The master is talking to you,What are you talking about??”
“OK,Face to face,I listen to you。”Peng Weihua shakes his arm at random,The dagger in his hand slammed into the door frame behind him。The handle of the dagger http://www.xingronlaling.cn vibrated rapidly,The demonstration is very meaningful,He expected Li Tianchou would come to Xingshi,Uncle Geng is gone,He has no scruples。
Qi Baozhu and Zhang Wen on the side looked at each other and wanted to turn around to avoid,But was stopped by Li Tianchou,“Come together,Just talk in the house。”
Five people sat around a small table,Li Tianchou tops the list。He glanced at everyone,Finally I set my eyes on Peng Weihua,“Since it’s the gong and the drum,Then we have something to say before。Let me first ask you what you think about Yuxing’s future,Make it clear so everyone can prepare。”
“What do you mean?Aren’t you in charge,Ask us why?”Peng Weihua also looked directly at Li Tianchou,Very tit for tat。
“Leave this identity aside for now。”Li Tianchou shook his head seriously,“We are all members of Yuxing,Should care about its http://www.jcnuv.cn development。Don’t talk about it,Let me say first。Yuxing is uncle’s wish,Everyone has worked hard for it,So I believe that everyone hopes it has a good development,Become a big profitable company,Satisfy everyone’s wishes,Marry a wife and have children,Live a decent life。
“But now it’s in a bad situation,Encountered difficulties。We have encountered similar situations before,Even worse than this time,But I survived every time。Nothing this time,Because there is a real problem before everyone,Very intuitive,Also very simple。If everyone can twist into a rope like before,So the immediate difficulties are nothing to Yuxing,But if the opposite,People’s hearts are lost,Yuxing is gone。”
A few people were silent,It took a while for Peng Weihua to react,Blush immediately,He slapped the table and yelled,“After a long time, your kid is going around and scolding me,Do you mean I have two hearts?One sentence thing,Why is it so slick??”
“Ahua,This is boring?Let you say you don’t,The master said you are picky,Are you trying to make trouble??”Zhu Lei couldn’t help but slapped the table with a snap,He was very disappointed with Peng Weihua’s performance in recent times,After returning from Caijiayuan,If he hadn’t burned Xue Monkey’s car shop on his own initiative,,You Shilong will not be stimulated to tie Feng Biao’s family,Yuxing is so passive now,There is still a face here to speak up。
Peng Weihua sneered,“Old wish,Don’t hold back with me,The obvious little plum came to me to settle accounts after autumn,You are pretending to be confused?I have something to say first,Face gong,Opposite drum,What circle to go around?Simply point,Count the major crimes of Laozi,Open after finishing,Bright and dignified,Clear,I Ahua then。”
Li Tianchou reached out to stop Zhu Lei from going crazy again,Looking at Peng Weihua coldly,“I just talked about the facts,Didn’t say who to settle the account。Master, don’t be too excited,It’s better not to be seated。Yuxing’s current situation can be said to be in a dilemma,Should I continue to toss with local forces or withdraw from Fukuyama?,It’s best to have a number in your heart。What i worry about is,Even this option may not be in our hands。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Four Say something
This remark,Except Zhu Lei,The other three people were taken aback,Then he was silent,Even Peng Weihua was dumb。Everyone is not stupid,Easy to understand“dilemma”The meaning of,Just because I misunderstood Li Tianchou’s intention just now,I just couldn’t turn around for a while。