Especially Yao Yu,Nervous,Be a palpitations,Be a fortunate,Be a sudden。She is at the county red,But the other party is not counting her。

NS407chapter My snack is unparalleled
Yao Yu is not difficult to guess,This name is Allen’s bodyguard,I am afraid that it is a name of the newly secretly hidden.。
Until today,So what is her purpose?。
No need to think about it at all,Can guess,This old woman has been in a big trick。
If it is not encountered today,She is a moving machine,It is impact that it is necessary by the other party.。
Want to clear,Yao Yuqing is fortunate,Also worried for summer。
after all,She has only seen the summer fight,And the fencing is rule,Both and different。
At this time,Face a sword in the face,The summer that just raised his head suddenly。
Iron plate bridge。
Insurance is dangerous。
But followed,Ali wrist air after the air again,The heavy sword hangs a wind sound to the head of the helmet。
If it is a common person,Facing this three-game hit with lightning,Inevitably hit。
But unfortunately,She faces the summer。
The other person’s skill is really good,In the rules of the fencing,Absolutely surpass those professional sworders,Can be in the summer,Only three words evaluation。
too weak。
Seeing a sword,Standland,Summer head,Twin shoulders shake,Feats and feet,His body is straight in the air,Three hundred and sixty-degree rotation。
Just avoiding the other sword,Summer sword。
A crisp。
He also treated the sword as a whip,Pumped directly on the other’s hips,And then rotate the body,The sword is gently。
The heavy sword is just a scushed on the left side of Al La.,At the same time, the score is scored.。
Surrounded by。
It is quite now。
Everyone’s face is not the same。
Like shock,In confusion,Unfinished,Aim……Can’t talk about。
Many people see,Summer hit Allen twice。
First time on your ass,Because it is taken,So there is no score,Second left chest……Score。
But this guy is just a hooligan.。
Besides,There is also shock。