“Eighty God”

The fist formed by countless Chakra came to spring。
“Soft boxing gossip”
Spring is attacked,The fingertip cohesion Chakra continues to spray。
Chakra broke out strong light in a constant collision。
“Similar to my eighty god air hit”Brown brow。
He believes that there is absolutely.,This spring is really likely to be her descendants.。
Spring,He may not have the intention of Hukra with Huacao,Although he has already filled his own Chakra,But the gap between Hui Night is quite huge.。
Spring opens three-layer activation,Attack speed suddenly accelerated。
In an instant, I broke through the eighty gods of the night.。
Sharqi and condensed Chakra directly attacked the glow night body,But it just let her body will have a few steps.。
Hui Night’s defense is too strong。
Spring is instantly,Ready to close to the night。
But the brilliant hair dance,When a large number of hair is turned to the acupuncture points of the whole body。
Spring,A shield is formed in front of a jade,Continue to rush to the night。
Distance,Spring, one disappeared,I appeared in front of the night,For her belly, it is a foot sweep.。
Hui Night is kicked,And the spring once again appeared in front of http://www.szlzuswsmyegnw.cn the night。
A black stick appears in his hands。
Browling,Her nine hooks are flashback,Space once again blur。
The spring once again appeared in a strange space.。
The ground is square plaid,A powerful gravity role in Spring,Let the spring body slightly。
And Hui Night is also half-squatting on the ground。
“what,gravity”Springs exposed a smile。
Hui Night raised hands,Two bones appeared in the hands。
Obviously I want to limit the action of the spring,Then kill the spring。
“Although the body is destroyed, you can’t kill you.,But you have no threats”Brilliant night。
“Yes”Spring smile。
“Mother is careful!”Debris。
I saw the speed of spring movement.,Quickly rush to the night。
“how is this possible!”Hui night pupils。
Spring is kicking on the face of glowing on the ground.,Kick http://www.huangyouji.cn her for a distance。
Hui Night anti-hands, the bones in the hands are shot into Spring,But it is easy to escape by Spring.。
Quan Yi rushed again,I kicked the chin on the night of the night.,Hui Night’s body fly up,I was hit by Quan Yi.。
Brilliant,Nine hooks jade turn looks again and flash。
Space again conversion。
The world appeared in a snowy world。
“Mother,His body is also very powerful,Extreme attacks can even affect space”Black trimmed in the sleeves of Hui night。
“It is indeed very strong,It is very affected by gravity”Hui Night said faintly。