I have caught your hand.,May you have no dreams overnight.,If you must dream,Can dream me。

Because I also want to dream you。
Good night。]
Advisor is kneading the letter paper for a long time,Half-spit out:
“……I really dream。”
He applied cleaning,Be careful about it.,The brain is still recalling the wine last night.。
Go to the 枝 宫。
枝 has not woken up yet,It’s still late to wake up.。
Consultant“Do you want to go in to steal her?”The problem hesitated,He doesn’t feel the problem.,What do you have to love?,But he still wants to maintain a perfect image in front of the branches.。
Directly to the meaning of things that may be derived from the room,枝 不 不 防 西 西 他 西 西 西 西 西 西 西 西。
Consultant in the courtyard,From the ground to the sky,I only feel that the weather is good today.,Enjoy the eye,Feel。
Less than half a clock,Yan Zhi woke up。
Advisor does not converge,In order to detect someone in the hospital。
He rely on the fence on the guardrail on the hospital.,If Yan Zhi said,I haven’t jumped up for a long time.,possible……still sleeping?
“You’re here!”
The rear door is opened,Justice surprises。
Advisor,Then, the branch is like a light flood.,Foot-foot is lightly ran toward him。
The consultant is not forbidden.,Open arms,I can’t catch the branches.。
Yan Zhi raised his head from his arms,Run a little bit『chaos』Hair sticks on her cheek,Her eyes are charming than sunlight,Ask him, please:“I don’t want it.?”
http://www.merryenglish.cn Consultant Yuan did not hold back and smiled。
枝 立。
“not heavy。”
The smile in the consultant is not going,Holding her,I will run away from her unhappy.,“I think you are cute。”
Her letter,Don’t you say his。
He seems to be true words.。
枝 has a face,Quickly transfer topic:“Waiting for me earlier,Don’t tell me something?”
Branch:“……I say,Ask for me in advance。”
The curvature of the consultant’s lips did not come.:“Invite you to feed fish together。”
Say,He is not equal to the answer,Quickly and lower the head to kiss her lips.。
Advisor:“How to express?”
枝:“I also called relatives.。”
The majesty of the devil is not provocative,Consultant’s part of the two quarters of the grinding to verify that he is not pro。
竹 红 着 推 推:“The fish http://www.mamorux.cn must be starved by you.。”
She turned her back to take a good road.,Do a good job in building a look back,Inadvertently seeing consultant’s face『color』Red blush,Suddenly began to start hitting him。
The two hurt each other all the way、During noise。