‘Don’t use you to expel,Laozi is not dry,Work money first in you,One day,I will let you seek to find me.。’

Zhao Tianhai is an inexplicable in the middle of the sea.,I just heard it.,He still feels a big joke,Now,It’s really being given by his mother.。
His depth:“Wang Gong is right,Don’t need me to expel,Wang’s capacity,My little temple,I really can’t keep your Buddha,I give money,Double、Do not,Ten times to you,Do you satisfy this??”
The king shook his head,road:“Neither,These are not the focus of these,The focus is the last sentence,I am talking about:One day,I will let you seek to find me.,Focusing on——beg。”
http://www.zgwhjl.cn Aesthetic,Wang traffic looks at him,Taste:“Zhao Boss now knows how to do it.?”
Chapter 37 Return money
Naked humiliation!
Give money is still not,I have to let him ask for money.,Zhao Tianhai instantly faced red,Angry anger,Bite:“You don’t deceive people too much.。”
Wang traffic is not concerned,Shake the wine glass,Laugh:“Is it difficult??Make it difficult,I am good at this person.,Everything talks about you.,It’s hard to get a strong person,I want to make Zhao boss.,But this project is……”
“I ask for,This time I plant it.,Work money, I ask Wang, you will receive you.,is it okay?”Zhao Tianhai red eyes,Try to suppress anger in your heart。
The king is not a soft smile,Faint road:“Zhang Xiuying still owes me a lot of money.,This account Zhao always said how to calculate?”
“How much,I gave her for her.。”Zhao Tianhai bite the teeth。
Wang traffic http://www.guang618.cn shook his head:“Neither,头 头 债 主 主,How can this money let Zhao come back??Of course, who is owing, who is still coming,Am I right?”
Zhao Tianhai hated nodded:“Go back, let her return money to you.,Is this satisfied??”
“This is right.,Come,drink wine。”Wang Liu haha smiles,Poster a cup,Directly,Then smile and look at Zhao Tianhai。
Zhao Tianhai is very upright,Playard,I didn’t say two words.,Into。
Just put down the wine glass,I haven’t waited for him yet.,Wang traffic is holding a bottle,Give him a full,Then follow him for interest。
Zhao Tianhai heart,This is the rhythm of hitting him.,But I can only be embarrassed,Who let him be finished。
Hard scalp is filled in the second cup,Then it is the third cup,The king is connected.。
Full of a bottle of wine,Pour in the glass,But three cups finished。
Zhao Tianhai is slightly relieved,Noodles,Fill again,A bottle of white wine,He is a bit,Red face,Ambient:“This is always satisfied.,Can the project have gave me??”
“Not urgent,Waiting for you to say the money first,Just drink tonight,Don’t talk about other。”Wang Li, a smile,Chong Wang Zhixin Road:“go,Move a box of wine,It’s rare to Zhao Boss’s Yaxing,Today, I must let him drink a happy.。”
“no problem,Don’t say a box,As long as Zhao boss wants to drink,Ten boxes, I also manage enough。”Wang Zhixin grinding teeth,I flash around my eyes,He waited for too long.,Previous grievances,I have to have a good calculation today.。
Zhao Tianhai face change,He knows that the king will not be so easy to meet,Ten boxes……Think about him, you will have a bit.,It seems that it can’t be good tonight.,He surely bits teeth:
“Since the king is interested,Then I will accompany the gentleman today.,Previously,Here I am a paid to the king.,Sincerity is in the wine,Wang always is optimistic。”
Said that the wine moved over,Don’t talk,Zhao Tianhai opened a bottle,Useless wine glasses,Plug directly。
The first bottle is finished,Shake,People are already a little standing.。
The second bottle is finished,His eyes gradually started,People also sit on the sofa。
The third bottle has not finished,He is a little,Drunk universities。
Wang Flow full of cold eyes,have to say,This old kid is enough,Yourself,Effective attitude,Also happened to be humiliated again。
Wang Zhi Xin hated and kicked a foot,Grin:“Mother,This is drunk?I am still waiting for you to calculate the account.,You he is too never drank。”
Wang Liquan,Laugh:“It’s ok,This time I am not addicted,I have a chance to play with him again.。”
Wang Zhi new point:“I went to call people to drag him away.,Have this guy,Look at it。”
Said that the people who shouted the entertainment city came over,Zhao Tianhai is also a frequent visitor here,They are not strange to him,It means it will send him home。
Wang Zhixin is too lazy to manage him?,As long as it is not here,Which is sent?。
Wang traffic suddenly:“Does Xiong San did not have news??”