“Three days later?”Summer,The face is full of joy from the heart,“Small,Then I will congratulations.。”

Wang Xiaogang is still a happy,Looking forward to,“Xiao Tian,You must come later.,We grow up from the open trousers.。”
“Do not worry,I will stay here for a week.,You don’t http://www.shuatuliao.cnsay that I will go.。”Summer turned a rabbit meat,“Did other friends and family notices??”
“I have notified it early.。”
Unlock,Wang Xianang appeared very happy,“Except for my work,Some high school students also invited.,However, they don’t know if they come.。”
Toned,What did he think of,The face revealed a strange expression,“Xiao Tian,Do you still remember Su Meng Meng??Middle school graduated,We have always had contact,She often asked you in the phone.。”
Say,Sneak a sister,Hurry,“I am going to get married this time.,She will definitely come to the wedding。”
“Su Mengmeng?”
Summer,Repeat,“That countryside daughter?”
“It’s her.。”王小刚重重点了点头,“她现在可了不得,是市里某个银行分行行长呢。”
http://www.maidikuai.cn 将调料撒匀之后,三人开始大口朵颐,吃的不亦乐乎。
Sanjiang Hotel is one of the high-end hotels in the countryside,Used to end the wedding banquet is absolutely more than enough。
Entrust,The face is a burst of festive atmosphere.,Summer also saw a few strange and familiar faces。
“Brother,You came。”
Originally greeted by Wang Xiaoying,I saw the summer at a glance.,I will welcome it.,Full of joy,Very enthusiastic to take him before sitting on a table。
“Your brother?”
“I am busy inside.。”Wang Xiaoying refers to a box that refers to the right side.,http://www.huaxinmf.cn “I am going to call him now.?”
“Need not。”
Summer hopped in summer,At the same time,“correct,Is there anything I need to help?,Don’t be polite.。”
“Are ready。”
Wang Xiaoying laughed,God is somewhat,But still asked,“Brother,Beautiful sister on the mountain that day,Isn’t really your girlfriend??”
“不是。”Summer laughed, I looked at her.,“what happened?”
“没,nothing?”Wang Xiaoying has some twisting,“I thought she was with my brother.,And she learned that my brother is going to get married.,I still said it at the time.。”