Since the epidemic area,That thing is natural to disinfect,Doctor wants to go to Wuhan,Even the epidemic,Also must be isolated inside,So what is the top of the quilt, the snake is added。

Zhou Ye“Um”A sentence,Then Chen Riyuan left the doctor’s office。
Looking at Chen Director gradually,Xu Lu is slowly getting bigger.,Standing in a lazy waist。
“Do you rest in the afternoon?。”Shu De looked to Wen Ye。
Zhou Ye wants to be Wuhan’s things,Some have a little,After passing one will answer the way:“You don’t rest in the afternoon.?”
Shu Lu:“Waiting for my family antelope,About dinner?”
Zhou Yewu handed the rice card to the hand,“ok,But since there is no work in the afternoon,I will not eat in the cafeteria.,I go back to organize things.。”
“You are starting next Monday,What is the sage??reincarnation?”Shu Lu pickled rice card,Very free to lose the pocket of white coat。
Look at this balance1Ten thousand meal cards are thrown into the pockets of white coats,Zhou Ye has stiff.,“Deer sister,You are careful,Protect good meals,Don’t put white,Put bag or trouser pocket,Multi-ink……”
Xu Yi did not care,Unused:“knew,You still have to go back to organize your things.。”
Bid farewell to two,Zhou Ye hits the white coat,Inspired。
He is on the road,I suddenly remembered it.,But still hesitated, no dare to play。
“Go back and say,Tell again in the evening?”Zhou Ye。
There is no place to enter anywhere anywhere.,He thought that his parents have been in the old man, I have been in real time.。But in their concept,News pneumonia is only Wuhan,I am far away from Zhou Ye.。
If this time tells them,I have to go to Wuhan to support it.,I don’t know what I want to do.?
There are very few people on the road.,I feel that there is no difference between the same day on the day of the New Year.,All stores have no door,No car on the road,No pedestrian。
In fact, it is also good in the hospital.,Although it is an anti-vlogan front line,But always feel peace of mind,Whether you don’t have daytime,Whether the National Day Spring Festival,Someone24Hour,Guarantee。
“There is a long way to go,I will ask for it up and down。”
Zhou Ye went back to the head and finally watched the Tianfeng People’s Hospital,This old name of the public three hospital is like this ancient city.,Looking at the old man with a white-haired,Film the taste of the year。
NS79chapter Smoke-free war
Back to the rental suites,Zhou Ye went to the door,Looking at the soft big bed,I can’t help but rush.。
“Hoot,This soft big bed,In a few days, I can’t lying.。”He put his face in ducklings。
Really comfortable and warm!
This is to go to Wuhan.,This half a year is not white.!
Think here,Zhou Ye I really regret it when I come to Tianfeng.,This small suites have been rented directly for a year.!
40Square room,A month2200,One year is26400!This goes to the Wuhan anti-vulcination atception should start three months.!
That is not equivalent to spending thousands of dollars rent a loneliness?Even if the family conditions are not bad,But this waste of money,It’s too wrong.!
Zhou Ye has even wants to rent a house to count.,But it seems to find a room for so two days.,It’s too unrealistic.!
Just as I am worried。
Mobile phone is ringing,Is the message sent by WeChat。
“Who is?Meal to send me a message。”Zhou Ye is a little afraid to have something to breathe。
His eye, fast, quickly slipping the lock screen of the phone。
Open WeChat,The message bar is empty,Both have read messages,But the friend column has a red point.!
Someone applies to add him as a friend!
Zhou Ye went to apply for a message,“Science and Education Zhao Xiao Shu。”