No matter Khth or the summer, who will finally grab the LCD,It belongs to the glory of the road。

I will even bother a word directly。
But two people are worried that the two will fall in not dead.。
One is the lake,A double holy king,Be strong and weak!Mountainous wall,Deteriomaic chaotic magic fly。
These chaotic devils have great strength,And self-contained space,Can lock and disturb space,Therefore, the kings are difficult to transient。
Even happens in Kunde and Summer,After here,Also affected。
But the speed of the two is too fast.。
Before the chaotic devil has formed,They have been directly in the past。
The latter chaotic devil forms a black-compressed black cloud crazy chasing。
The two are in the blood sea,Run energy to the ultimate,I don’t care about everything.。
Who can faster one more,Who can get the Downtari。
at this time,More than a dozen chaotic magic with the power of the Holy King fly from both sides,Try to block Kunde。
At the same time, these chaotic demons play a stagnation of the blood.,Blood waves,It turned out to be a blood domain。
Kunde snorted,Hands have a long knife in hand,Directly,The gorgeous knife is broken,The gods of the phlegm are turned forward.。
“Rumble”The chaotic magic of the front road is all being shocked.,Reveal a channel。
咻,Kun Dehua has a stream of flow through,Faster。
On the other side,Summer is also blocked。
Summer hands printing,Constantly playing a mysterious method,Noddling,Get more and more bright。
Hool!Finally, the handsome swaying a splendid star,Submerged in front of the white light。
In the shroud of white light,The gravity of space has suddenly increased countless times。
More than ten pre-rush chaotic magic body,Then fall down down。
Take advantage of this,Summer is already chained in the shadow。
The two are almost together.,Go through the blood sea。
In depth,More and more chaotic demon,More and more intensive,Still can’t stop their footsteps。
Each means,Secrets,All chaotic demon did not affect their one-run speed。
Always slow down。
So,Feet after three days,Far away,There is a hill with a strong red light。
The shiny mountain is like the lighthouse in the Rick Sea madness.。
Summer and Kunde immediately realized,Legendary Downtari,Be sure to be on the top of the mountain。