Although looking for dawn,

Close your eyes lightly asking,
But I can’t find any answers.
With the girl’s song,The original black hole seems to be stagnant,In front of the black hole,The pure white wings behind the angels are also slowly open.,Among them, the two-color jumping of Golden Blue is more intense.。
Next second,Situation mutation!
A roaring in the world, the end of the upper right arm exploded,then,Like the same sound of the dragon, the sound of the second school district suddenly sounded,next moment,A horrible skull slammed out from the upper right hand!
That is a dragon!
The upper body seems to live in an ancient behemoth,At this time,Lost the home of the home, let this ancient dragon wake up!
Desperate heavy rain,
Uneasy figure;
The hope is in front of you,
Yes you use a smile church.——
stay alive,Never accept!
The girl’s song is still going on,And one of the purple black dragons from the upper right arm broke out,Send an angry roar,then,A total of eight dragons took two-wire two-in-three-connected spheres.,Starting crazy to bite the dark dark!
The angel of the appearance of the appearance is lightly,It seems to feel the power of the dragon,Place guarded with the darkness of the angel,Orange golden rays suddenly,Containment with a blue-blue thunder,Almost at the same time, strong rays,Take all the darkness。
The girl’s song is gradually high.,Her body once again distributed the holy light,Dragon with roaring,Guardian angels gradually integrate,Only her song,Still clear in the ear of everyone。
Don’t want to lose anything,Don’t want to lie to yourself,
There is no relationship between confusion,Just started;
What kind of mood is not inappaining,
Because you will meet the scenery;
“The urban city has a dark face that I have never seen.,”The sound of the Qing Palace slowly sounded in the air,“Even more powerful power,People still can’t deal with behind the manipulation,But”
“If it is the perfect world that is manufactured by you for the price,Such world,I would rather not!”
Dragon roaring,The last piece of darkness,The angel in the sky also broke out a strong light,The body begins slowly to dissipate the spot dissipation,In the sky,The figure of the Qing Palace is slowly awaited。
The blood on him is still,Face is also slightly pale,but,His light golden scorpion,It is still shining。
In his arms,Tea girl is slowly opened,Looking at the white clothes on themselves,I can’t help but get rid of a hint on my face.,More,It is a silk crystal in her amber scorpion.。
“Perfect world,Should not sacrifice anyone。”The Qing Palace is closely holding Meiqin,Slowly fan the fire behind,Gentle as if embraces the whole world,“I think,I want to change the goal of the world very clear.。”
“Um。”Meiqin looked at the teenager with a faint smile,Recall the words I have said,The tears in the eyes are finally slowed down.,But her face has a brilliant smile.。
And at the same time,Elisa’s song has finally sings the last。
“I want to love you,”
“want to know,What you tears;”
“Be sure,What is similar to what we have。”
“Incomplete world,Momentary future;”