These people staying in Yucheng,Ability is pulled out at any time,Only two and a half army!

Demertion,Alhengyan,Gao Chang。others,It is a routine military and horse that belongs to the city defense system and the court ban.,Comparison is quite,It is prepared by a hundred team team,Every small team has a number。
At this moment,Gao Yuanhai to find yourself,In fact, the high return of himself is the army.,The heart is the same as the mirror。
“Chang Guangwang sent you?”
Gao Guo Yan asked his eyes。
“good,Chang Guangwang said,Nowadays, there is a violent news in the East Tour in the sky.,He wants to know,How is the general heart intended?。The so-called people have no worries,Don’t want to be far,It’s too late to regret it.。”
have to say,The high-yuan sea said that the heart of Gao Guo Yan is in the heart.。
Since last time,He can feel obvious,Hi Yang has lost his trust,The reason why didn’t you remove him?,Did not take him away from him,The reason is mainly two points。
The first one is that it is not much.。
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NS696chapter Reverse information transmission
“Greater host,this way please。”
Outside the city gate,County order、County and local local officials,All war,I don’t dare to behave too obvious.,Say hello to Gao Bo Yi, a strange。
Rencheng District government“Dual rail system”,Donghe Boss is a group of teams,The original county is a group of teams,Unassay。to be exact,The county has already got on the side of Zhaoji Li.,Donghe Bo,It is a brother of a high ocean.,Pengcheng Wang Gaozi。
Riverside,Also controlled the ferry outside Rencheng,Warehousing,A large number of stores,Even guarded the river embankment“River”And smuggling on the river“Patrol”All。Even these are quasi-military power,Unable to fight against regular army,But the ranks have long been there.。
This is visible,The strength of Donghe Boss,Be indispensable。
It is an important person.,To pay money,Soldier,Gao Yu is also the prince,Naturally, there is no bird in a local county。River Board has its own set of teams,Financial independence,It is also not to pay the county,Well water does not commit rivers in the weekdays。
Today,The people of the county are coming.,The people of the rivers are not coming.,some of,Some things are worth it.。
“Your Majesty is not convenient to enter the city,So the special fee I came to come,Take a few words with everyone。What is the grievance?,What is good idea?,You can also tell me。”
Gao Baoyi said with a professional smile,Predicted,If。
“Large manager,Lower officer I heard that the dragon is holding,I am waiting,Worry,I want to visit the big camp.,Dedicated to the local specialty,I don’t know if Gundorado may wait for me.。”
This county name is surnamed Lu,Fan Yang Lushen is born,Leave eight characters,Slightly Dun,Don’t consciously bring your mouth,Get a look of a pair。
I didn’t expect his words just finished.,Gao Baoyi’s face has changed!
“Lu County!Cautiously!”
Gao Bao’s roared!
This is scared that the local officials in front of the city gate。
“Your Majesty,Where did you hear it??This rumor,You will not stop,Instead, it will be suspicious.!Don’t confirm,Don’t do this,What county is you still?!
After going back, you will be able to,Lower your official service!Humph!”
Gao Baoyi snort,With Tianzi Li and others into the city,I unbearable officials of the door.。
邺 南 城 高 彦 府 书,The high yuan sea is still advising Gao Gui Yan.。I can tell,This Ping Qin Wang,Is some idea,Some astonish。Otherwise, say such a big rebound.,The other party has no refute,It is a kind of statement.。