Repay,I will use this power,I have just got to be confident!”

Saru recovered from the fall of death,I have broken through the barrier.,It is also known as lightning soflu。
Pinch your fist,Even Shalu began to indulge in its own power。
I just got a powerful power,And there is a good test gold stone in front of you.,Saru entered the battle state。
Almost in Shalu,,Saru in front of the night disappeared,Only the sound of only airflow is broken in the air。
“Do you have a front??”Night has already felt that Shalu’s gas,But the body is obviously can’t keep up.,Next second,The abdomen feels only a bit of pain,Subsequent, the body flew out。
Armed colors,But it is very limited in the defense.,Night all the way on the ground,Finally, I took a few hills.,The body eventually stopped。
Surrounding people,Even the Sossone doesn’t know when it is,When they react,Night has been flying!
It is not just Satan who can’t see them.,Even Sun Wukong,They all don’t know,How did Shauli move?。
It is clear,Now Sha Lu has been with them is not an existence of a second.。
From just beginning,Still always abusive Abu,And various ridiculous,But the situation in the situation is too fast,Now that the turn is happy by Shalu, a punch.。
“Enlightenment,Can you see Sha Lu just a move??”
Sun Wukong looked at the son around him.,This is the bottom card left before.。
But unfortunately,Enwelling is also a favorite role:“Can’t see”
But different from the surprised Sun Wukong,Appearance is quite calm,In his opinion,Even his father can’t see it.,He can’t see it is normal.。
But I didn’t find it.,His sentence,Instantly let the chest with Chengzhu,Some is not calm now.
Chapter 664 The stronger the goblin
(The evil is greatly hoped to write this paragraph today.,But well known,I am a bit short,It’s impossible today.,Strive to write this paragraph tomorrow.,After Dragon Ball, it will return to a punch.(▽`)
If the time can be repeated,Sun Wukong swearing that he has just stopped the death of the night.。
Shalu improved strength,Some of his expectations are now,Originally he was full of confidence in Wuhan.,But now looks,It seems not very secure……
But just that kind of situation,Even if he stopped,Also, but strength is stronger than your own night.。
Even defeat your own Shalu,Before, I was put on the ground friction on the ground.,Belt the double blow of the body with the soul,Even if he,It is estimated that you can’t support a few rounds.。
I can only gambling the possibility of gambling,And the heart of the power is deep,What is the reserved means?。
Although I have just been bored by a boxing,But everyone present is very clear,The gas of the night is not there so much。
“Ice dragon’s horns!”Originally collapsed ruins,A shadow is out of rapid,A rocket head directly hits the chin of Shatu。
But now Saru,Not just a rookie,After eating this trick,Just just the head is striing,And then a round kick,I will play the night again.。
“Blast!”But when I kicked the night in Shalu,Night, but show a strange smile,Shalu feels unique,Just want to avoid it,But it is too late.。
A huge sound echoes in the sky,The night he kicked by Shalu suddenly produced a large scale explosion.。
Just differs from other emission and hot explosions.,The entity of the night is divided into the explosion.,Bringing a sharp low temperature。
Huge explosion even let the surrounding snowflakes,Shalu’s body is also visible to the naked eye,Ice frozen。
And the night’s night,At this time, I will come out from the ruins.,And pull out the village behind,A few ways to tear open the ground,Instant Shalu frozen ice cubes,Have a number of paragraphs!
But this is in ordinary eyes,Basically, the death undoubted attack,It is obvious that the trauma in front of Shalu is not。