Victoria poured a glass of wine in the summer,Joint sit down,Curious asked,“How do you think of drinking?

correct,Why do you want to do this??”
“I’m tired,Want to retire,rest well……”Not finished,Victoria interrupted him,“speak English!”
Summer mouth,Immediately smile。
“I am really tired.,Especially this time,More than a thousand intelligence points around the world are destroyed,Coupled with the Monoprot Corps,I died tens of thousands of brothers.。”
Summer,Drink all,“I would rather not revenge.,I would rather they are alive.……”Victoria’s face has also become slightly stunned。
A few seconds,Her voice is slow,Say,“Since it is mixed in the underground world,No dead people,You don’t understand this truth now,And those who die,Will definitely not blame you,Nine big hegens,The highest loyalty of people world members,This is a fact that I haven’t arguated for a long time ago.……Is there anything else??”
Summer nice head,“Have,I have to consider my eyes.,Consider the future,Have to do this,This is also the only solution。”
NS2743chapter Tree finishing
“How to say?”
Victoria is burning。
She is learned after learning the news,I feel very shocking。
Guess why you do this。
“After sweating the sacred,I went to see Holy Spirito,He seems to have seen something。”
Summer is sinking,Also,“But he did not say it directly.,Instead, I hope that I am running back.。”
“Holy Spirito?”
Victoria frowned,“The gods of God?
I have seen it again.,You believe in him?
and……You are not the kind of fear of people.?”
“This is only one of them.。”
Summer drinking a wine,“In fact, there is no hint of him.,I will do this too.,Mainly, this matter is too big for me.,Near 10,000 brothers.,It’s so dead.……”He put his hand,Stop Victoria’s persistence,“I know,The underground world is in the dead every moment.,And we mix the underground world,Nature is also ready to kill and kill,In fact,They all die because of me.。”
“If it is a positive conflict,They will die.,But I didn’t stand in front of them.,They are close to the premise of preparation,Be attacked。”
“Domestic time,I know friends and relatives,I often have been tired by me.,And the brothers in the world are also,This is not a way,I can’t do the kind of cold and cold blood.。”
Victoria also ended a wine glass,Whisper,“So you will dissolve the world?”
“Right,Only announced retirement,Disband,Can relieve worries。”
For Victoria,There is nothing to conceal in the summer.,“Certainty,This is just a false icon。”
“Dissolve,Just on the name of the world、And the forces that are easy to find,Including commercial areas……”Summer laughing,“to be exact,Just dissolve one-third of the power in the world,Those power hidden in the dark,Will always hide,I let them secretly develop,Not under call,No one can expose itself,This is my purpose,Omnipotent,Abandon。”
Victoria has a big eyes,Continue with a breath。
Demonstrate,“You are tricky.!”
Summer opening,Immediately,“The intelligence location in the world world is destroyed,Coupled with the effusion of one-third,These things exhibited on the surface,It is also enough to confuse everyone’s sight.,Have reason to believe,This is the whole force in the world.,However, they will not think,This is just a third of the world.。”
She looks straight to the summer,“I have already found someone to count.,Your auction and sale of commercial places,Real estate,Island,Several large bases for mercenary training,Just these have exceeded some hegemonics,How did you develop??”
“I do not know either。”
Summer answer is very unsurplus,“It’s all the leadership of Maji.,Maybe it is my people.?”
Victorian mouth angle,白 白,“You are just lucky,There are a lot of hard work,Margaret is really a fullness,but……The loyalty of the people of people is also a mystery in the underground world.,how did you do it?”
“I did not do anything,They are free。”
Summer grabbed the head,“Maybe still character?”