“quick,hurry up!”

Ai Yestein is constantly being urged,The eyes of the sea have begun to close,There are only ten seconds for a few people.。
A lot of collapse beasts in the eyes of the sea need to be deal with,There are more quantum shadows in http://www.jdbjm.cn the passage in the inside, and the harmful beasts need Hanjiang to handle them.。
If the speed does not speed up,Dramatic interference,They have to be trapped in the quantum.。
Therefore, both parties are very urgent.,Han Jiang and Bronia have also joined the battle,Cleaning the collapse of the collapse。
“quick,A little faster,A little faster!”
De Lisa、Roshalia and Lilya looked at the outside of the eyes of the sea,Hold your hands in your chest together,For a few people。
At this time, Walter is not in touch with itself.,Beginning to explode,Even if the body has a gap,May hurt the fundamental。
The cornor of the sea is slowly narrowed,People inside all of the gods accelerate speed,The people outside silently pray。
Finally at the moment of the thousand,Everyone comes out from this door。
“Very good,Bronia!”Lily and Rosha Yadi called,Runbena。
Blonia Song,Although there are many collapse beasts here,Companion,It has been represented.。
After security,Blonia eyes have been dizzy。
Xier quickly grabbed Bronia,Urgently calling:“Bronia sister,Bronia sister。”
Walter said:“Bronia is nothing,She is too tired,need to have a rest。”
Ai Yinstein and Tesla have Schr?dinger to Walt。
De Lisa,Ji,Several people in the buds move toward Han Jiang and Qiana。
“What did you come?,Isn’t there a collapse beast without solving?,Does this time the outside of the eye is not coming to collapse??”
Han Jiang is unimpeded to sit on the ground,Smiles。
Kii glanced at Hanjiang,“Need you to teach me?”
“All combat troops,Start an orderly destruction of collapse,Budding,De Lisa assists combat troops,I will take care of Gu Qianna and Hanjiang.。”
Ji is going to the front,Single hands and strokes。
“Are you too powerful?,With the ability of the law, even my orders are not listening.?”
Kiya head,Rumor:“I didn’t hear your order again.,Besides I have some observed the breath of Hanjiang.,He is dangerous in it.。”
“He is dangerous in the quantum,Are we not dangerous??”
Qi Yana said:“Baronia is not in the inside”
“Then you perceive the position of Bronia.?”
“I”Qi Yana,“That she”
“Anyway, I am going to help.!”Qi Yana can’t say a right reason,Can only continue mouth。
Ji refers to Hanjiang,“Who are you most worried?,I can not know?”
“I am going to find a bud.!”
Qi Yana flashed Ji,If you leave a sentence, you will run http://www.knayt.cn away.。
“Welcome back,Is the state ok??”
Faced with the same teacher of the sister of Ji,Han Jiang occasionally naughty,I am still a bit fear in my heart.,Lazy body sitting is some。
“fine,Take a break in a few days.。”
Ji smell,“Just, even if it is outside,I also found the movement inside.,It’s you dry.?”
“Thanks for your hard work。”
Kiz took the shoulder of Hanjiang,Let him take him to rest。
When the world snake is coming from inside, it is clear from them.,If you are not worried about the situation inside,They should have been fighting with Kay。