“Miss Su,I didn’t expect to see you here.,I thought it was wrong.。”

Go to the past,Young people open first,But between his tone is very casual,Even with a touch of light。
Summer on the side,I have been ignored by the bodyguard from beginning to end.。
If it is before,Youth can’t dare to be so arrogant,Can now marriage now,He believes that it is eligible to look down on Su Xiaoxue.。
“Chen Shao is there??”
Su Xiaoxianship also recognizes each other。
It is the famous flower bonus in Beijing,Chen Feiyang。
Not only known,I have also complained with the http://www.banyn.cn other party.。
When she just came to Beijing,This guy not only threatens her,Also want to use it to her,As a result, Xia Xue directly found the Chen family.,Just in front of Chen Jia,A big ear sci will pull Chen Feiyang into a pig head。
“fine,I just saw Su Miss Su.,Come over and greet。”
Chen Feiyang flashed a little hate,Soon disappear,Ridicule,“Miss Su,One person shopping,Don’t come together?”
“Not interested in,goodbye。”
Say,Su Xiaoxue looks to the summer,Laugh,“let’s go。”
Summer nice head,Follow up。
After the body, Chen Feiyang frowned,It seems that this is the first time I noticed the summer.,“Miss Su,Isn’t he your bodyguard??”
The first summer and Su Xiaoxiao do not respond,Continue to walk。
See this scene,Chen Feiyang face flashing anger,Very uncomfortable。
And at this time,The woman next to the enchanting woman suddenly spoke.,“Hey,Are you awkward?,Didn’t you hear it?,I don’t know how to know.,I thought it didn’t win the bodyguard.。”
Summer http://www.fzscg.cn and Su Xiaoxue still walk,Ignore directly。
See this,The enchanting woman immediately became anger,“At first glance, it is a soldier.,I am afraid to sell it.……”
Voice is just,Summer face。
He is not willing to be more than the other party,But why, there are too many ownts in this world.。
Turn over,Just talk,Next to Su Xiaoxia has faced frost,Low voice。
“Who are you talking about!”
Even afraid of Xia Xue vigorously cultivated,Su Xiao’s personality is destined to be too strong,But it doesn’t mean that weakness can be bulky。
on the contrary,Under her quiet appearance,It is strong and firmly in the essence of almost。
if not,When she was at the Baihua Group,Will n’t fall a cleaning staff。
Under anger,An eye,Actions,The power developed in this month broke out。
The enchanting woman does not help but,It can http://www.fssylf.cn be more angry with the reaction.。
How can you be scared by a look。
Take a look at Su Xiao Xiao,No matter the figure,Still,All aspects are so perfect,I don’t know much than myself.,Can’t help but。
“Say anyone?Do you manage it??I said what happened.。”