Su Chen once again touched dark blood,Immortal magic once again invaded。

He runs the power of the god,Start resistance,Trial to disqualify the magic。
Half-day,I finally can’t support it.。
Su Chen did not wait until the critical point,Directly launch time traceability,Magic to restore。He deeply saw dark red blood,Its color is light。
This blood has an immortal ability,And after his time,The blood on the mountain is no return,So where to go。
This is a thing worth thinking about。
Su Chen has no more try,Next time,He should have already gone four days,At that time, the grasp of refining blood is,Naturally bigger。
This trial is still shallow。
He turns into the Yuxi Palace。
After he leaves,The black hills make a creative trend。
The whole mountain seems to live,It is very dissatisfied with Suizu’s departure,It doesn’t seem to think that Su Tu is a god,Can easily abandon the temptation from its blood。
The mountain is not lost and depressed。
Su Chen continues to be closed。
Taoist customs。
Too many people suddenly arrived in Yuquan Mountain。
Taoist is sprinkling,Point out one finger。As he finger,Blea throughout the world。Yin and Yang god,No light,It is extremely introverted,Even unclear black and white,A chaos。
With the fire of the Tower of the Towers of the Notaders,Yin and Yang gods began to change the chaotic god。
Tooeth B real person is emitted to the purpleness,Strong murder circulation,Make up a purple gossip,Rotating in front of him。
Gossip in a near chaos。
Vachane gave birth to a sound,Purple gossip crack。
Tooeth B real person, Xu Ruran,It’s just a deep potential from him to jade spring mountain.,His mountains have a crack,Unwind。
Taiyi is really a little quiet,“Brother,I am refining the innate murderous,Have more,I didn’t expect you to be more than you.。”
“Why do the brother?,You now meet the Mint of Jinling,Can also be a higher。”Taoist smile。
“Is going to be a brother to say that the Dinnadend,She is strong,Not bad brother,But it is not the first person in Jinlu Island。
That Jinqi Island Bishi Town is now in charge of Duobao people,This person’s law is deep,Unity、Many treasures are still in the next,The most powerful one is not bad.,Body is still hard than Lingbao,Raise your hands,There are countless dragon icons。Even if the brother will perform Jiu Tuan Xuan dynasty,I think so.。
Previous matter,Let the teacher brother evil spirits,I am only afraid that she will ask for a multi-treasure.,Therefore, after refining the congenital murder,Just come to the side of the brother.,Let’s join hands with the brothers.,Sufficient to sweep this world,Don’t be afraid of heroes。”
“The brother is afraid that it is not worried that the Troad people will find you first.。”
Too B real people fat face,Tender,“Brother,Don’t say it。In fact, the younger brother, I have another elogency.,I read the brother’s realm high.,Best to the Sanxiang of the three corpses sooner or later,After you go out,The younger brother also wants the brother to take a two。If the future teacher brother is the realm of Master,The younger brother can also climb,Skumble。Even the younger brother before this,Be robbed,I am this pulse,I have to have a teacher.。”
Although the three corpses like mirror,Yuan Shi Tianzun is even more distant,But Tai B real people can believe that the people can have that day.。
In fact, Guangzheng Subshan three times invited Tai B real person to join him.,Too B real people are too lazy to deal with。
Now Tai B real people are willing to throw an face,Join Yuquan Mountain。
If it is a son,I am afraid that I want to get three corpses.。
“The brother is willing to explore the practice of practice with me.,I am naturally happy。I don’t know the son,Recently, you can find you?”
太 真 真 人 神 秘,“He is not available now.。”
It turned out that the last Guang Geng gives the blood goddess knife.,One-time solve the poison of the blood god knife,Also leaked,Now I know that he is practiced in Lushan.,Three days, both, have the demon fairy from Jinqi Island to find Guang Chengzi.。
It’s really last Xiyu City,His day is printed,Arrogant,Tap too many people are dissatisfied。Now everyone heard that he is not poisoned.,Undernum,It is always necessary to drag a broad-made child.,It’s very sad days.。
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Too B real people opened a white cloud view in Yuquan Mountain.,Live down。