The fierce violation of the demon,Pale palm of the palm of the river,The whole floor of the whole river in the whole earth。

The flow of flowing river turns into blood。
A small feeling of breeding from Suizu,he“See”How to penetrate the ground from the surface of the earth。
to be exact,He saw some of the past。
This is a traceability。
I don’t know that it is from bloody eyes.,Still Buddha’s own。
He continues to try to illuminate things around,Sure enough, you can see the past。
When he wants to trace the origin of Montenegro by an old rock,As more advanced,The more difficult,Just advancement less than one thousand years,His body began to penetrate the blood。
Obviously, it is necessary to trace the origin of Montenegro.,Bloodied relic is not currently able to do。
Su Chen has not been forcibly continued。
The body of the half into the dark is like the black fog.,Again,Marking center in the top of the mountain,And next to him is a dead black tree.。
Shiban long half body of the magic mist looming,Such as a knee sitting in the black tree to participate in the devil’s devil。
Dark hair spread,The surrounding magic fog is getting rich,Form a teach people to see,Celebration of black magic clothes。
After the dead tree appears in black ancestors,Slightly trembled。
It is not a dead tree。
A silk spirit is growing with the emergence of the big devil。
As the big devil appears,Black graves under the mountain opening,Swallow the bliss one。When I was fed to fed the black ride, I fell into the darkness of the darkness.。
The strange scene has appeared,A black grave actually grows like a leg,Near the top of the mountain。
Soon the black grave arrived in the top of the mountain,Side next to the dead black tree。
When the magic clothes appear in the black grave,Windless,After a small volatility,Black grave faded,And the magic clothes become incomparable。
And the black grave gradually penetrates silk color。
“Old ancestors,I can’t digest.,You let it secrete the gastric fluid。”The black grave came out of the demon,Side of the voice of the old ancestors。
It is not scared,But being disgusting。
The ruthlessness of the demon is more and more intense。
The big magic of the dead black tree,It seems that it is quiet。
The fierce evil spirits fall in the blood of the blood,The gravel no longer sesame blood,The demon is also scared,Not dare to do。
“People who take the leader to see me。”The cold and low magic sound penetrates the magic mist.,Snow awakening。
She heard the voice of the ancestor,The position of the old ancestors in the mind。
Xiao Xue quickly worshipd the top of the mountain,Immediately avatar,Roll away the people of Dongfu silence。
Magical fog separates a road,Ten muttons are lying in black on the hand。
“Old ancestors,People have brought。”
Su Chen nodded,Then look at the people。
They are completely covered by a deep darkness on their faces.,A black footprint is about about about about about about。
When the black footprint is completely disappeared,Their life is completely passing。
After a while,Su Chen also looked at the little snow of God。
“come over。”
Xiao Xue is old and lives to the old ancestor,I saw the old ancestors and touched her with the palm of the corpse.。Her first reaction is not fear,Instead, give birth to a silk,The ancestor has not had a corpse,What happened??
She can’t ask,Can only worry silently。
The big hand of the ancestor is covered in the top of the snow,No imagination, cold,With a gentle heat,Soon, Xiaoxue is like a spa in the spa,Overtime。
“Sleep well。”