Thinking of Chengziyuan,The home is attentive to give the princess panica,Xiao Yun can’t help but turn a few white eyes。

His master is not hoping,They in the past, accompanying him and the princess temple,Where will they appear in front of them。I haven’t seen him.,Don’t let him be in Chengxi!
“You are relieved to eat here.,Here is Xiaofu,Safe,The princess is not there.。”
The five princess was fooled by his main two sentences.,I can think of them blame.。Poor he has to stabilize them。
Poor hey, Wu,,Anti-‘Rock’One!
“”Cai Qingzhu。
It’s not good to be happy in Xiaofu.!The princess is a time with Xiao Diren.,Just under their eyelids,Xiao Direous people do‘touch’The hand of the princess,I still don’t know how it is.!
Yes,at this moment,Yunqin is completely unknown,Both of themselves,Already put Xiao Yuan in a wolf tioplast‘wave’swing,A child。
Just in the case of two people concerned,Yunqin is already in Xiao Yuan’s atm time,I ate a meal。
then,Yunqin is really a prescription of Xiao Yuan.,Let Xiao Yuan find someone to make a medicated diet or directly decorate water.。
Finish,Yunqin directly should continue to go to the pharmacy to study the remaining medicinal materials。Hold by Xiao Yuan,I remembered that I am not in the integrity.。In addition to eating sleeping,The rest of the time is a day for research,Temporarily, I can’t contact yourself.。
so,Yunqin is very refreshing, I promised Xiao Yuan to walk away.,Push Xiao Yuan,In the introduction of Xiao Yuan,Visited the Xiaofu。
Funding Xiaofu,Yunqin once again can’t wait to invest in medicinal materials。Xiao Yuan is so stayed with,Also made people took a few books。Yunqin watching herbs,He read the book,Then look at Yunqin。
Yunqin’s drug,It belongs to the state of the kind。Have a medicinal material,It’s easy to trap in,Forget other things。Even afraid Xiao Yuan followed behind,Also completely。
therefore,Yunqin this look,I saw another afternoon,Waiting for Yunqin to see the medicine for the whole pharmacy,It’s been a time.。
Xiaoyu, who has been in Yunqin to eat dinner in the house.,Only put the clouds to the palace。
I finally saw the Qing Qing in the princess.,Zhu Qing is simply like,Take a look at Yunqin,Look there,I am afraid that there is a little bit of a piece of fleshy.。
If you know that Yun Qin is before you see them,Already with Xiao Yuan?,I met again for two days.,Probably the eye is going out again.!
Yunqin,There is no investigation on the carriage,Mandaic back palace。
I found that Xiao Huan has such a large pharmacy.,There is medicine,Talk to Yunqin,It is really unexpectedly。
Yunqin, who is going back to the palace, does not know,After the Xiao Huan。One of‘Five princes have belong to the world,And love hate,Transfering Xiao Xiangye’News,along with‘Five executives arrogant,贵 贵’News,Communicate together。
Two messages that are very unfavorable to Yunqin,Naturally, Liu Xinyi is in the second emperor Fu Yunyi on the pool.,People put out。
Put out the purpose,No extraordinarily defeated the reputation of Yunqin,Give Liu Xinyi。At the same time reach your own purpose。
These two rumors,Also reported by Xiao Yun to Xiao Yuan。
“master,Now I have passed the five princess and bullied hard.,return,Breathing,Not guarded,Snate you。”Finish,Xiao Yun carefully wandered Xiao Yuan。
actually,These rumors,Originally, there is no need to tell the master。Just now,Look at the master,It seems to have something to do with the five prognosis。
These rumors are related to the five princess,He thought about it,I feel that the master may be interested.,This decided to say。
really,Listening to Xiao Yun said,Xiao Yuan frowned。
“It is Fu Yunyi that is coming out.。”Affirmation。
Xiao Yun nodded,“Yes。and,Five princess follows the marriage of the world,It is also the second emperor.。His purpose,It seems that the girl of Liu Shangshu,Liu Xinyi。”
Aphrac,Movement of Fu Yunyi,The purpose of the purpose has been analyzed.。
If Fu Yunyi knows,Probably be horrified。after all,His mind to Liu Xinyi’s mind,Is his heart,There is also very few。Xiao Yun,As soon as this is analyzed。
The guards around Xiao Yuan still have such wisdom.(Cerebral hole),It can be seen that Xiao Yuan is a smart person.。