NS 17 chapter(《Soft yoga》.)

This night, There are many military schools that have a small military school.,The first 50 in the Red list is basically big and big born.,Big one according to the class,School office has a public class, I will know if I check it a little., But the big two-student class is completely‘Private custom’, The first week of the class has not passed, They can only start inquiring the exclusion of various ways。
50 new students who have been squeezed in the Red list, The rest of the whole is the big born,Some people have exposed their own currenies to friends or other occasions.,Students in the information system quickly collect their correct coupons from the forum or class group。
The remaining eleven did http://www.huxiziyou.cn not expose their own currenies to outsiders, But can start from other students of the same instructor, I heard the curriculum that is currently above.。Military school students a total of three main courses, Two-door class,There is still no lesson this week.,Students in the information system can only learn this eleven family background character level,Finally, I will infer what kind of lesson they may choose,Fill your class。
This is a big project, The military schools collected by the initial information are all red eyes.,Means of five flowers,Just barely fill in the fifty lessons after dawn。
Jiang Hong also also selected this lesson., Jiang Jia is not any of the 15th Military Army, But it is a federal least ignored family., Because Jiang Jia is good at collecting information。From small in this environment,This job is http://www.granitemedicalsystems.cn not difficult for him., And he knows someone more than others.。
Zuo Luohuan gave him a class for him.。
Collection reasoning,Finally, Jiang Hong completed the 50 curriculum., A little in the morning。
Jiang Hong poured a glass of water,Go back to the table,He looked at an anonymous forum to challenge,Laugh,This kind of information is really not too difficult.。
One of the doors and his tops,Jianghong touched the chin,The day of the day is coming to Zuo Luohuan,That direction,Only Jia Haizhen’s class。
Jianghong《Direct nature》Fill up,Not only the name of the course,The name of the instructor also has a class time,All fill in the form。
According to the background,His another master course should be in the weapon development,This is six popular instructor,Three instructor teaches the second year this year。
http://www.518mo.cn Jiang Hong tested the information of these three instructor,A research universal mechanical weapon,The other two are air blowing directions。III is a general mechanical weapon.,In his opinion, the tendency to master all the possibilities,Will be more favored to disciplines a little weak aspect。
Finally, I want to exclude one in these two instruments.。
Jianghong repeatedly read the information of the instructor,Speculate the relationship between them and the iione,Suddenly the brain is flashing,Remember the words of the Chinese instructor during the day,Two main courses before re-viewing。
Jia HaishuAlpha、He MoonOga,Leftman……
Jiang Hong’s two instructor in watching the weapon development department,Sure enoughBeta,He does not hesitate‘Cypress《Weapon research》’Fill in。
If you choose correct,Overstab the outstanding disorder is。
There are also two interest programs,Jiang Hong continued to infer:It is known to be in the command、Battle system、The weapon development is selected for a major course.,So interesting course is very likely to choose one in the warship system and information system.。However, there is no choice of singles, the order is the main course.,It is also possible to put in an interest course.。
Two in the morning,Jiang Hong finally fills in the classicle,He guess the class of the other party to give up the warship department,Have a class of interest in a single battle。
The reason is the opposition state of Ji Yong and Zuo Luohuan。
Before going to bed,Jiang Hong will launch the caters of Ji Yue in the forum,Tibetan work and name。
By the next morning,The information system has taught the class.,The teacher did not test the correct or not.,Just continue to class。
However, an all-round result,How to endure this military school, don’t know the answer,First, the classmates in the class are comparable to each other.,In addition, there is a good thing to participate in the 50th of the military school students who have also participated in.,Send your own class,So one‘Class’The activity is so hot.。
By the afternoon anonymous forum has been‘Meeting’Slaughter version,With the disclosure of the first 50 military school students in the Red Plan,The information system has also been inspected by the inferior results of military school students.。
【Write 50 courses,No completely correct……】
【brother,Listen to the sister,Big one of the courses are not,This class is not suitable for you。】
【Thirty-six courses,Okay。】
【Absolutely,Jianghong’s parents written out of the fifty courses and the class issues issued by the red list.,There is no mistake in the class time.!】
【Jiang Jia people,normal,Naturally, I am getting this.。】
【Yesterday, there is a call.‘Bow’ofIDSending a class of books?】
【Yeah,I saw!The bow is not Hong?Is Jianghong。】
【Two points,Students in this point normal information are still pushing 50 lessons,People who have this leisure tendency,Absolutely Jiang Hong。】
【It turns out that our album has chosen these lessons.,Hey-hey,Waiting for me, I also choose。】
Have a proud performance of Jianghong’s 50Decons,The anonymous forum suddenly inferred the book of this book as a standard answer。
【Class,Next time I will encounter,Thank Jiang Bodhisattva to infer。】
【Hoot,Our alchicary is really an excellent and self-improvement.,Even suddenlyOga,Of still chooses fighting!】
【First military schoolAlphaWaiting for the Ji Ji Dynasty!!!】