“President Xia!Are you trying to turn us all over?!”Wang Yihua laughed and asked。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Just two bottles of wine can turn so many of you over,Then you underestimate the drinking of these people”Xia Jian said,Take a look at Dragon Ball with its head down。
Down this time,Dragon Ball is here with Guan Tingna。Once Guan Tingna arrived in Qingshan County,So happy,But Dragon Ball has always been emotional,Maybe the work here is annoying her。
Dragon Ball found Xia Jian staring at her,So he stood up and poured wine for everyone。Actually, Lin Wei is already busy on the other side,Open two bottles of liquor at the same time,It http://www.jlgold9999.cn means these people have to finish these two bottles of wine anyway。
Xia Jianti Cup,Said a few words,But hello everyone to toast。Thus,Wang Yihua can’t sit still as a guest,She also toasted everyone。
Three glasses of wine,The situation on the table changed。Suddenly became lively,It seems that this liquor can excite everyone。As the saying goes, the moon comes first near the water,This sentence is true。Guan Tingna sitting next to Xia Jian,So she kept toasting Xia Jian,Naturally she drank a lot herself。
Wang Yihua is very peaceful,Besides pouring Xia Jian a few glasses of wine,,I didn’t find anyone to fight wine。Can Guo Meili work?,She is the head of the venture group in Pingdu,So she has to do the job of saving face。Thus,Except Xia Jian,The person who drank the most of these two bottles is Guo Meili,Next is Guan Tingna。
Women are like men,What story will happen if you drink too much。
Xia Jian turned around and looked at Guan Tingna,Speak softly:“General Guan!The face is colored,This wine can’t be drunk anymore,If you drink again,You are going to be drunk”
“Not afraid,If you are really drunk,You have to send me back”Guan Tingna is drunk and confused,He lowered his voice and said in Xia Jian’s ear。Xia Jian surprised,In front of so many people,How can this woman say such things,Fortunately, the remaining women also started to fight wine。
Xi Zhen and Dragon Ball are classmates,And their relationship is very good,So the two drank。Lin Wei has little alcohol,Make her smart,I keep running http://www.mirrorquick.cn around for everyone。
Ruan Lingna and Chen Guohua did not know what to do,Two people actually entangled Guo Meili,The three of them had a quarrel。Only Wang Yihua is sitting aside,She watched these people making trouble。
“Mr. Wang!I toast you。Every project of our venture group in Qingshan County,Thanks to you”Xia Jian said,He stretched out the wine glass。
Wang Yihua smiled and said:“You’re welcome,It’s always my blessing to know Xia,Do you earn money?”
“Hi!When you bought shares,I still hold a heart,Now it seems,Everyone has a good vision,Hongchuan River Resort will be able to pay dividends at the end of the year。The development trend of fruit industry base is very good,In two to three years, it will slowly come to the time of profit,Qingshan County Commercial Complex will open soon,This is money!”Xia Jian said,Laughed happily。
Wang http://www.hongkangfdc.cn Yihua nodded and said:“Some people come to me now,Want to buy some shares,But you told me,So i refused all”
“Ok!We don’t need money now,Just waiting to receive the money”Xia Jian said with a laugh。