Most of the ingredients of Golden Tun are miners,It is directly smelted by gold ore.,Remove the slag pour,So the color is not particularly high,However, the amount of gold is basically 90%.。

no doubt,Chen Wei wants to give Gao Baoyi’s golden,It is the official items in the south,It’s hard to get started without melting。
Now the gold price of Yucheng,A catty of gold(430gram)Can change 100,000 yuan,This golden 铤 said that he can change money.,When it is a huge sum of not worthless。
Don’t take it or take?Chen Hao smiled at Gao Baoyi。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS9chapter Mocetable boy
“Be too expensive.,I can’t。”Gao Boyi is reluctant to cover the golden box,Then push to Chen Hao。
He lacks money,But what is not enough,This is common sense。Cautious talents can live for a long time。
The former Gao Boyi understands a lighting truth。The husband is not guilty.,This hot gold,Not good。
It’s likely to be taken away.。Even lost。
“Also,That takes this jade.,The brother is not to resign。”
Chen Hao is also a decisive person,Let Houan receive Jin Yu,Remove a piece of jade from the waist,It pushed to Gao Baoyi。
This jade generic crystal clear,Carved a layer of annular pattern,It’s not a million。It can even be said that there is no market。
However, Gao Bo Yi is a bitter laugh.。Although it is from,But after all, inherited this body memory,Basic common sense is still。If you just have the golden 铤“Money goods two clear”Transaction,So send jade, the human situation of the local road.。
Jade,Yuhuan has a lack!The ring of jade is lacking in the mouth is jade.,And this is very symbolism,No, you can give people.。
Hongmen feast,Fan Zeng took a piece of jade,want to“Fell a cup”Get down Pei Gong,Why don’t you take jade or jade ring??There is a payment here.。
Famous thinkers in the Warring States Period《Scorpion·Inert》Record:“Hire,In the wall,Lieuten,Distraction,Necessize。”
meaning is,If you are giving people,Expressed decision。This is not just jade,But a gift。Wear on yourself,Warning you need killing decisions;Give others,It is implied that the other party should do what the do person should do.。
Chen Hao is no longer implied,Instead, I will tell Gao Bo Yi.,You can’t refuse my request,This is the majesty of me as a host.!
“Minggong but please,I don’t dare to be。”Gao Bo Yi quickly put this half a palm size jade 玦,Start playing cards。
Since receiving money,Natural service is in place。
After passing through the North Qi,Gao Biyi itself keeps people,It is also a deep test,Grab,Guess the game landlord tactics。Coupled with some of his psychology knowledge,It’s easy to guess Chen Hao and Houan’s hands in the hands of Houan.。
Only playing five or six games,Hou An is already lost,Annoyance。And Chen Wei is meaningful to look at Gao Baoyi,Horn horn with a smile,Even if you lose your helmet,Can also keep your face without forced。
Also lost one game,Chen Wei throws a card,Give your eyes to Houan。The long beard will have lost the card to lose impatient,Just escape。
“Have a long leaf card,Failed, I didn’t ask the little brother’s higher name.?”
Chen Wei gathers,Clauselessly,Tone。
“下 高 逸,Or you call me Chen Erjui。”
Gao Biyi said to receive a playing card into a small box,After all, I will not use it later.。
Chen Er?you are serious?
Chen Hao is wrong,Disqualify:“What is this??”
“Watch on the surface?,I am Gao Baoyi,But in fact, I am just Chen Erju.。”
Gao Bao,He believes that the smart people like Chen Xi should know what he is saying.。
Night’s wild!Even the illegitimate status is not as good as!
Chen Hao has some sympathetic look at Gao Baoyi,Immediately。After all, every family has a difficult experience.。
“Little brother,Today’s words,Into my ear,Then we have never heard,how?”
At this moment, Chen Yan’s momentum suddenly skyrocket!
Gao Bao is not suspected,If you refuse,It is very likely to die in it tonight.。
promise,good for everyone,And I have received the jade 玦。Not promise,That is not happy,The other party will be Chen Wenmili,Missing means is not missing,To pack yourself,Not the hand to come?