The power of the thunderous robbery seems to be bigger.!It seems that he is not dead with the Changyuan.。

Flavor,Thunder is again hit on the lightning rod,The force of lightning is again converted again,Dongfu is not affected,The seal under the cave is like Taishan,Still as far as possible recovery power。
No one discovered,Lightning needle on Dongfu,After dozens of lightning strikes,Blue-purple streamer has been flooded,and,Slightly,Like it is already difficult to withstand the next lightning strike.。
Thunder,Still continue。
finally,Eighty three lightning strikes,The first generation of lightning rods issued a few cars,Dramatic trembling,Fladder,The initial moine needle is so light strikes under lightning strikes.,Uncomfortable quartz fifty,Annihilation in the air!
Another lightning strike!this time,No lightning resistance,Thunder power,Directly penetrating the top of the cave,Stable hitting in the sea。
I have a lot of restoration.,With this, you don’t know how to turn a few times.。
And Lei Yun seems to know to block himself.‘Destroy’The hindrance guy is finally gone.,I can’t wait to give the Changyuan time,Snapped ‘s connection lowers a few thunder!
Several thunder,The seal yet has not been fully recovered for a time, no digestion,Horn angle overflows a hint of blood,Nasty dress,Also under lightning strike,Becoming。
Always pay attention to Yunqin, which is the situation here.,The case where the lightning protection needle is destroyed in the first time,I can’t sit still,Great pressure,Dynasty。
Can be the airflow under Lei Yun at this time,I have no longer think of it.,It’s just a huge wind.,This time situation,More people are more difficult to close to Dongfu。
Yunqin consumes energy,Only snails can be slowly advanced。
Do not close to Yunfu,Lei Yunzhi,It is also a dozen thunder!
This seems enough lightning that is enough to shake the world,Soon the entire Dongfu hole roof is completely annihilated under lightning,The Fengyuan in the Dongfu is completely revealed.。
Yunqin is difficult to look at it。Originally seting protective cover,There is no trace that disappears under lightning strikes.。
Inner,Several furniture originally placed,Already fully annihilated,Jade bed under the sea,It has also been held by Huo Hu’s only left.。
Sealing Yuan,Where is it?!
Ragged,The only thing I seem to have no thing.,There is only that black ink,And the pale face,Corner,It is a blood that is difficult to ignore.。
How did Yunqin have seen such a wolf?!Immediately speed up the action,Want to close to Changyuan。
That lancing Lei Yun,Obviously don’t give birth to a chance to survive,The last priest of the seal,finally,Also disappeared under lightning strikes!
The whole person, the whole person seems to be a bit aware of blurry.,Full of scars,Under the traction of Lei Yun,Floating in the half-air。
Three loud noise!Three giant thunders actually,Qi Qi hit it on the seal!
Boots the crit, and no longer endure,Spurt a large number of blood。
“Do not!!”Yunqin is anxious to call,Inside,It seems that huge potential,Jump,Fully fly in the direction of Changyuan。
I feel that the eyelids have some heavy seal, listening to familiar sounds.,Eyelid,Sprinkler,I saw Yunqin who came to you in a glance.。
Tracted a smile in the mouth of the mouth,The seal of Changyuan fell in the direction of Yunqin, lifted his hand, and his hand has been brought.。
He lives because of her,At this time,But I hope they can face death together.。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
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