“Well,How about it?”Walking in the fourth floor of underground street,Meiqin looked at the Qing Palace,“Feeling is having a good time?”

Do not,I don’t feel completely。Looking at the happiness of a happy native piano,The Qing Dynasty is rare.。
I originally thought that this big lady is just a game addiction.,So I will run to the fourth floor of the game hall big play.,I haven’t thought of it.,Meiqin does not know what to learn from?,Use the game to lose to play to play big adventure,If you lose people, there should be unchecked people from winners.。This Qing Dynasty is directlygg,Because of the worry of the water behind,It’s hard to let the Qing Palace play games.,This also directly leads to the tragedy of the Qing Palace tonight.,Various depends on the play of the Qing Dynasty, the lower limit of the rocking of the Qing Palace.。
Drink a can of compressed vegetable juice in a breath、Put the salad sauce in the sandwich to play white beard Santa Claus for ten minutes、And the boys in the couple who don’t know, the last game is finished.,The Qing Palace actually has a kind of tearful impulse。
Qing Palace feels that,The reputation of your own is about completely collapsed.,After all, over time,Nowadays, my face is not stranger in the urban city.,If you have seen the news,Careful thinking about probably recognizing,Since then, the school is urban city.‘And the only spiritual normality called Yu Mei Meiqin’The title will probably change,Instead, a series of various strange sayings are the same as someone else.。
Fortunately, his witty’s ability to use his hair color to be white.
As for the future, I will be chased by myself know the truth.,After the Qing Dynasty said, it will be considered again.。
http://www.theboke.cn If I let me know who teaches it to the Meiqin,I must lift him for eight times a day.!Qing Dynasty to bite his teeth。
at the same time,A certain spiritual super power of Chang Platai Middle School can’t help but hit a chill。
Looking at the Qing Palace, the depressed expression,Meiqin can’t help but smile。
Since the colleague of the bee,Meiqin did not tell this matter to the Qing Palace,However, the relationship between the US and the bee bee has improved some,At least two people can happen to drink tea chat.,This makes the four people who have been fantasy, they can become a good friend.,Every day, the smile is more than the original.。
And these gameplay are beebeles‘clever’、‘Unimpedone’Give her。
“To catch a man’s heart,First of all, I have to grab him.”Bee bee looked at Meiqin,“Neck of neck。”
I don’t say http://www.seening.cn this original.!Menz, while biting a puff, looking into the bee,What kind of metamorphosis are you???
Do you have any special misunderstandings?!
“certainly,This is just a metaphor。”The bee is elegant, a black tea,Smile,“To conquer the strongest man in this academic park,Ordinary ways must not work。”
“You can consider some special methods.!”
Think now,It seems that it is still very good, beautiful, like a clear palace that is like a breath.,I suddenly emerged in my mind, I have a good idea.。
“Don’t play this time.。”Qing Dynasty,The facial expression is tangled into a group,“Really want”
“Yes?”Look at the palace this look,Meiqin is smiling again,“I think it is very good.!”With a small scream,Meiqin originally organized a good cup of tea, and the hand of the Qing Palace became a group.。
Passed the http://www.paihaodian.cn same, a soft tea hair,Feel this feel,Let the Qing Palace have recovered a little depressed mood,And Meiqin also knows that the previous game is too hot.,So the well-behaved did not escape,Just grinding the tiger teeth not looking at the Qing Palace。
“Waiting for the next time I won,Have you good。”Qing Palace snorted,“I will let you ask for personal hugs with the roadside.,See what you react”
“Male woman?”Meiqin suddenly looked up,Flashing a ray of rays in your eyes。
“female!”Qing Palace,Then I got a beautiful piano.,More vigorous, kneading the tea hair。
“Say this,Today’s fourth level is closed.,”Meiqin looked around,“Obviously less than 9 o’clock,Actually no one is already,Liancheng people are so small?”
Her words did not finish,I also felt that I feel unprotonous.!
Even for some reason,There are very few guests here.,The fourth floor is also closed by special circumstances.,There will be no such situation!
This whole fourth layer is empty.!
“Nourish!”Earthly,The forehead of Mechanical flashed a small arc,Send a ring in the air,Then I disappeared,Come on this small current,But let the Meiqin are shocked,Looking around。
Take your current control of current,How can this control can’t control your ability??
Just when Meiqin is surprised,The Qing Palace next to him is on the previous step.,Make the beauty behind him behind,Then the faint opening。
“Come out。”The sound of the Qing Palace calmly can’t listen to changes in mood,“Can’t think of,You will choose me for the first goal。”
“This kind of discrete idler,as far as I know,entire‘God’s right seat’In addition to you,No other people can use it。”The faint opening of the Qing Dynasty,The sturdy percentage begins slowly,That is the power of the Qing DynastyaiForce field,“and,This situation is currently,You are also the best candidate。”
“Last meeting,I have said,I hope that you will see you here again.。”Qinggang said,Slight sigh,“But I didn’t expect it.,You are still a step by step.。”