The woman is determined by the woman,Also,“When he was in the morning, he met a willow.,Later, I left.,We secretly follow,He returned to the courtyard where the Hao Hao,Until we leave,He did not appear。”
Haiyun Tianjing flash,Immediately,“Gong Yao teacher,You and Changzhou’s brothers are guarded outside。”
Toned,Other http://www.schongji.cn four people,“A brother,You are slightly backed by,If the summer is coming,First notify me。”
Several people are all,Tight finish。
“Brother,You are……”Haiyun Tianyin,Hook a murderer,“If I guess the good words,That summer, I have already realized a little trick,If he has a harvest,Will not understand the second time,If you have no harvest,It is also impossible to come again.,You also know,This is the problem of luck and opportunity,So I guess,He won’t come,But that three positions……”“You want to go to the three positions?
Didn’t you send three locations to Liu Zi??”
“What is it for her?。”
Sea Yuntian is clear,“That hybrid is already a person who is going to die.,Even if I destroy some rules,What do you dare to take me?,My identity is indeed insignificant,But it is that person behind me.……”“But we have not seen that person.……”“Huh,This is called the big flag as a tiger skin。”
He put his hand,“Do not worry,Everything is no problem,Just now, the arrangement is not to prevent problems.。”
Speech,Everyone has arrived at the top view of the mountain。
They have not stopped,By the road next to the road,Around the road,Go straight to the dwarf mountain。
In this way,Six people next to Haoyun have stopped,Nothing did not pay attention。
After coming to the Dwarf,The front of the front stone carved statue is standing,The ancient times,It also contains a spiritless spirit。
Just condense with your eyes,It will make people feel the extraordinary of this stone.。
It seems that it has been integrated into this world.,It seems that there is ancient times。
This is a very difficult way to express words and languages.。
Hundreds of ancient military people are quiet。
The atmosphere has become solemn。
They collectively worship。
A few seconds,Everyone is very consciously spread.。
Those http://www.networkmarket.cn ancient martial arts that shoot the eight-phase nine palace position,Slowly walk to a specific location or sitting or standing。
And those who don’t get location,Also looking for advantageous terrain and location,Or far or near。
Just——When everyone saw Liuzi went to the stone carving five meters from the left direction,Stationed,Many people have fewer faces to reveal the complex color.。
This is the day。
Best location。
Da da da。
Near footsteps。