if not,I will not send them eight people to drag each other.。

The player called Wang Xiaolong suddenly opened,“Li captain,Are you prepared??”
“Yes。”Li Ming smiled,Alert,“This is my instructor,He also wants to have a trick with you.。”
Narrate,Eight players will lose their summer http://www.szsftbwphnvffu.cn again,One-year-old taste,Gaze。
“So, it should be a master.。”Wang Xiaolong licked his lips,Like prey, staring in summer,“Hello,I am looking forward to handing with you.。Don’t let me down。”
Summer nice head,Always call,Then afterwards with Li Ming entered the weapon library。
“Instructor,I didn’t expect you to come。”
Close the weapon warehouse door,No outsiders,The excitement and joy of Li Ming’s face。
“I didn’t expect it.,hehe。”
Summer life,Don’t stop hands,Quick equipment yourself。
He did not choose a guard gun,But I took a Steyr shot rifle。
certainly,This shot has many names。
E.g,Toy gun,Entry-level sniper rifle,Survival gun,Universal rifle。
all in all,This is a retired20Year firearms。
People who have played games know,This is the bird gun。
“It’s good.。”
Check the sniper gun,Immediately http://www.hecheng580.cn frowned,Keathi continuous sound,Summer down the sniper mirror,“Let it go。”
“Uh……it is good。”
Li Mingyi,头,Not asked for reasons。
Because he does not doubt,Even if there is no equipment in summer,It is also enough to sweep those guys。
When training them,Once in the jungle war,Everyone destroyed their entire squad,Moreover more than once。
“That sniper mirror is problematic。”
Summer still gives answers,After the end,Pushing out。
Outside everyone’s gaze again。
Just look at it,Sudden look。
The ace called Wang Xiaolong even couldn’t help but laugh.,Hurry,“This bird gun is old antique.,Do you use him to participate in confrontation??”
Summer laughs,Just laughing means deep,But don’t answer。
Confused a special police,After knowing that the summer is Li Ming’s instructor,Not giving birth to http://www.libaidi.cn hope。
Just see the bird gun,Suddenly completely。
For this competition,They don’t understand。
And the superior makes this person in front of him.,Not understanding。
Holding a bird gun……Is this not shame?。
“Hey,Buddy,Can you still fight??”
See the summer solo,Wang Xiaolong seems to be interested,“There is no sight in the upper side.。”
Talk,Luo Gang and other ace are also wonderful.,I want to hear how to answer the summer.。