Gu Yue today,Wore a light yellow professional dress,There is a trace of charm in the generous dress。Xia Jianyi walked in,Secretary Huang said with a smile:“President Xia is here,My tea just made,You should have a cup of tea!”

Gu Yue smiled,Said to Secretary Huang:“All right!You can go busy, I have something to discuss with Mr. Xia”
Wait for Secretary Huang to leave,Gu Yue walked over in two steps,Looked at Xia Jian from top to bottom,Said with a little displeased face:“I’ve been worried about you for several days,You should try to contact me when you come out,Why did you ran to sister Ju?,It seems that there is still a distance between us”
“No,The suburbs they threw me to,I don’t have any money,The phone was deliberately discharged。I stopped Di on the road,Thinking of going to the villa to find you,But I’m afraid you will be away at night,After much deliberation, I think it’s more reliable to find sister Ju,I didn’t expect she was really there”Xia Jian explained with a smile。
Gu Yue handed the tea cup to Xia Jian,Suddenly got up and walked to the desk,Take out a bank card from the drawer and put it in Xia Jian’s hand.:“This is your salary card,Opened with my account name,Some money in it,You can take it first。Get busy,I just forgot about it,I wanted to give you this card”
Xia Jian thought for a while,Put the bank card into the pocket,A penny stumps a hero,Moreover, I am not a hero。
First0613chapter Beat back
Seeing that Xia Jian didn’t refuse, Gu Yue put the bank card into his pocket,She couldn’t help but feel happy,Said with a smile:“password is987654,You can change”
“Ok,I remember,Let’s talk about business!”Xia Jian said,Put down the teacup。
Gu Yue nodded and said:“Donghu Park has already been taken,All relevant procedures are in our hands,The top priority is how to develop,Which company developed it“
“very good!We should immediately hold an internal company meeting,Let every employee know,We have achieved such a good project。The second is to open tenders nationwide,Run for a qualified design company“Xia Jian word by word,Very good at saying,It seems he was prepared for this。
Gu Yue finished listening,I couldn’t help but smile,She laughed:“It’s a great honor for me to lead a person like you,it is good!Let’s have a meeting right away“
Although Gu Yue is a woman,,But she has a swift and resolute character,Best taste for Xia Jian。Xia Jian smiled slightly,Stood up,Back to his office。
He turned on the computer,After finding some information online,Print into a book immediately,I went to the meeting room。If the big meeting room,It can be said that there are no empty seats。
His seat is staying by Gu Yue’s side,I can see that his status has been confirmed in the company。First time attending,He is the assistant to the general manager,And he came this time,Vice President of the company has come,What a leap in promotion。
It seems everyone is waiting for him alone,Xia Jian sit down,Secretary Huang briefly explained the important content of this meeting。When Gu Yue announced that Lingchuang had taken the land of Donghu Park,There was thunderous applause in the conference room。Even those employees who opposed it before,Also very happy。