Nan Ge and Zhou have made a plan,Let Zharid and sect from the road attack,Also released the gorge pioneer,Attract firepower。When they play fierce,Nan Ge is going to jump from the next time with the fastest speed.,Always desperate,Quickly turn off the crystal。

The game ends this game。
Looking at the words on the screen,Nan Ge, who is sitting in the bedroom stretches a lazy waist,The smile on the face is much brighter than winning the next game.。
“Is it fun?”
“You have a problem with this person,A bit distorted。”Nan Ge grin comment,“You like to do this unhappy thing.,I am happy, you are not happy.。”
“Next, I teach you to play another happy thing.,Run running,How about it?”
“Can this stoleum??”
“Everything can be stolen。”
“look at you,Dirty heart”
“How to play?”
“I will teach you to get the compass.,Wait for you, stupid,not enough time。”Nan Ge said,Active neck,“Wait for me to wash an apple。”
Nan Ge took an apple,It’s very stunned to rush to the balcony.,Sometimes she washed too lazy to wash,Wipe on the clothes and open it.,Practice is the health concept of dirty disobust。
Apple is very crisp,Lotus,Pouting sour,The usual people choose such a delicious apple。
Just walk back to the seat,The voice of the ear is coming.:“You have heard that there is no,Just next door class,It is Zhou Da Shuai’s class.,The female squad leader actually picked up a small caudal cat under the building.!Giant!”
“Is the squad leader of the next door is not a man??”Thousands of questions。
“Zhong Xin.!”
“That is the last squad leader。”
“Oops all the same”
“Cabc cat is good,It’s coming out from others.,Or buy it yourself。”Thousands guess,“Zhongxin has money,Maybe she bought it.,Fear of roommates have opinions on her,It is said that it is,I still look very love。”
“Just picked up!”
Nan Ge did not help but scallish。
How do you feel that this story is a little familiar??
But she doesn’t care much.,I put on the headset,Start choosing from Zhou Zhijun、Interpretation。
Playing a game in a 1 afternoon,I pushed the tower of twenty games and Zhou.,Attract countless hatred,Nan Ge waist is a little acid、I am not very comfortable.,Need to move。
I heard that there will be a teacher to check the bedroom.,Just clen the trash can,Throw it to the corridor。
I have a dozens of steps.。
Come back101Bedroom,Just listen to a few soft cats,In addition, it is a few girls talking.,It’s roughly that this cat is more beautiful.、More cute、Multi-smart。
Nan Ge is curious,Explore the head and see。
Bedroom door,Light photos,A cat sits on the stool in the middle of the bedroom,Be held by the stars,But it is ignorant of human beings.。
Nan Ge suddenly feels some eyes。
It seems to have for a while,Zhou I also hug this one cat,Just that small slag cat is proficient,Not long after it became other models。