“right,If I am not there,You are still,Then you must never try to fight with him.,What is more shameful?。

Take your current road,Give him shoes。
He http://www.chuandangou.cn is more than you,However, for the father, but it is old.。”
Duan Zhao sighs,There is orange pepper, I don’t know when it is pulp.!It’s just a moment.,The problem is to make such a big age.,And the other party is so young,Is this going to die?!
Duan Yu full of stomach, I don’t know who I want to say.。
“Yucheng is already there.,What do you think about my father??”
Duan Duan Dougan,He is afraid that he is a delay。
“Look at it yourself.,After reading and then ask。”
Duan Yu will give the confidence in the argument,After reading it after reading,Some unclear, touch the head,Also pay the letter to Duan Yue。
“Since I have already let my father go to Jinyang,Your Majesty also let his father go to Jinyang,Why is my father still in the city??”
I heard the paragraph.,Duan Yao did not move the sound of sigh。
http://www.soundrise.cn Son of our most climate,Actually, even such a simple bureau can’t see it.,In case yourself, I am fighting.,Do you want a whole family??
Why didn’t Duan Yao rush to Jinyang??
Because he is waiting for Johhao。
Someone else runs,Isn’t that the same as a dog?!
Gao Yang makes yourself to win the military power of Jinyang,So the Jinyang is unable to have a lot of prosperity,Will you listen to yourself without a reservation??if so,How can the Haoyang will be so taboo for the Jinyang Xianbei military??
I can take the sacred desire,How can this be!
Unless it’s almost the time with the North Zhou.。
No backbone of Zhao Zhaojun,No promise of Zhaojun,This is not available at all.。
Duan Yu is the pro-child of Zhao Zhajun,It should be a big relative。But involve the issue of military power and family people,It is not a relative.。
“It is natural for the father to naturally,You can’t think of it,Slowly think,Will always think about it。”
Section is lazy to say more to your son,Like something like this,You said more,Can you feel the natural energy,Cannot feel,It is like a wooden fish head,I can’t do it.。
Seeing Duan Qi said this,Duan depth is also very boring,The atmosphere of the two talks is depressed.。
“My father,This time, a prince,There is no standby,So to say,Aunt is not a queen?”
Depth of depth,Let Duan Zhaozhi stiff,Hands being posing,Parked at the original,There is no movement for a long time.。
“Impulsive,This kind of thing will not be mentioned.。”
Duan Zhan Yan said uniquely,It seems to be on your own sister,Not so strong。at this point,Also let the segment can’t understand。
Although the paragraph and segment is not the same,But Duan Yao has always been a relative to his deeds.,Not thicker。Throw away the position,Duan Yu’s private morality is still,There are not many places where people are ill。
Now that the paragraph is the upper,Duan’s son Chengdu,In the future become an emperor,This is the benefits of this family,It is not self-motivated.。So, the depth feels that his father seems to be a little pure.!
Yucheng has been rumored,Political struggle to this tension,Also take the face,Isn’t it a self-search??